Love To "snowball"

Somehow, how when I am all dressed up like a ****-*****, and so hot and horney, I do love the experience of snowballing with another CD/TV...both dressed up to the max, sucking each other off, then instead of immediately swallowing that hot, sticky, white tribute, french kissing each other with each other's *** between our heavily lipsticked cocklips, stirring the *** together with our tongues, mixing it together, asting each other in a number of ways, our pussysticks tied to each other, maybe evenour bodies bound together for hours of mutually rewarding pleasures...need I say more? Still seeking someone (withing a short distance - sigh) who wants to do this with me...
SuzanneLebizarre SuzanneLebizarre
70+, M
Jul 24, 2010