*** Kiss

It all started about 18 years ago. Whenwe were first married would give me blow jobs and keep my *** in her mouth and try to kiss me. Being close minded and 20yo I would freak out. Now that I'm older and a EP addict I'm been trying to get the wife to help me out with my fascination with the *** kiss. I believe she finally sees that I'm serious. There are plenty other things I'm willing to try now that I'm more open-minded. Growing up changes your perspective on sex & experimenting. I'll post when it happens.
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If we only knew then how much fun we could've had .Hard to make up for lost ,but lets keep trying.

I agree with you buddy. When I was in my 20s I would never have dreamed of doing some of the things I've done in last 5 years. Since I became a lot more open minded, I've eaten my own come from *****, I've let men suck my ****, I've sucked a few myself, I've had mfm and fmf 3somes, I've done a 4some and a group sex party. I've even ****** a guy in the *** once. I've been with transgenders and now I want to do the yummy cummy kisses like you just talked about. I'd even let my wife **** other guys and women and I'd like to watch/participate and help out. Wow, the things we are closed off to when we are young is amazing when we get older. Isn't that funny?

LOL yes it did. I got even more sex crazed. Now, according two different internet quizzes, I'm a sex addict. LOL

oh Milk man<br />
<br />
I am thrilled...<br />
boss i was traveling once thru Morocco<br />
in a train first classs compartment I had to enter forcefully becuase no palce was available<br />
it was a cabin of 6 and this couple had locked it from inside<br />
after managing my entry I was just trying to get some sleep, the lady woke up after half an hour of my enrty she was very sexy she looked at me with inviting eyes , looking at her old huby I showed i am worried she jsut came near me and slolwly said dont worry he is drunk...<br />
before i can think of anything she grabed me and pressed her lips on mine,,it was real hot <br />
my desire strted burning...she grabed my **** and gave me a heavenly massage her toung now was rolling on my **** th eupper ring adn the hole....after few moments a load of cream hot stream was just poared in her mouth ....]<br />
she took my head and preessed her mouth on my lips ....the liquide stred rolling in each other mouth my hands working on her bare breast and mouth was all like coconut milk....god<br />
it was great....i lifted her legs on bench and slided my 7 incher ...mouth to mouth and **** to ccok<br />

I'm glad your wife managed to open you up a bit.<br />

very erotic

it is incredibly delicious and erotic. ccd