Can A Man Have A Female ******?

I have a curious thought about this. I am a man, with a very present female inner gender. I feel most myself and natural and complete when dressed en femme. Nothing sissy, just pretty, neat, even a touch elegant, but definitely feminine, not jeans and a tee.

I've written elsewhere that I can sit and meditate and completely imagine my body is female. I even wondered if past or parallel lives have anything to do with it. And I am completely hetero, so I don't "switch" by imagining my anus is a vagina and my penis a ****. So my story about sex as a woman isn't about being penetrated ... and it isn't about directly stimulating the prostate either.

Can a man have a female ******?

We all know there's a difference from ************: a long stroke, the different feelings in the shaft and head for a man, and the difference between vaginal and clitoral ******* for a woman. Most men will know what it's like to climax without holding or stimulating the tip, and many of us will have experienced the delight of the different ways a vagina can hold us (ever felt gripped at the root and squeezed at the tip, but not in between?) and that ******* can feel different, like being sustained and low, or fast and desperate.

And have you watched, even a video, of a woman climaxing? Again it can be different, but does it look like it is for you as a man? Not quite. And why does it take so long?!! Has your hand ever been running out of steam, desperately hoping she gets there before you have to give up?

I think for women more is in the mind, and that's a clue to my question. And here's another clue: quite a lot of women actually don't like ****** because either they don't feel like the real thing or because it seems odd not to be attached. But my wife loves her clitoral stimulator (pocket rocket style but variable and quieter). So do I!

Instead of the traditional hand job, it takes concentration and focus. Real focus. But it's worth it.

Hold the **** stim firmly pressed under your tip. Vary the speed if you like, and the pulsing programs may help. Concentrate intensely on holding your PC muscles (girls, you know where they are!) and low abdominals tight (hips level), and keep your breathing shallow and faster than normal. With the right focus, you should be able to achieve a climax even without having some mental image or fantasy. But be kind: think of your partner if needs be, doing the same thing!

Keep your focus, your tension and your breathing, and you should achieve a climax. (Now you'll understand why your partner doesn't want you to pause and lose it.) It builds slowly and takes a while (recognise this?) but when the crescendo finally builds, it grips your belly, may shake you uncontrollably, it travels through you and takes the whole of your body. Let it. Be noisy if you're not speechless! Yes, you will *********, but don't stop, keep the **** stim at it, and see just how long you can make it last. Or surge again! You might be surprised!

Strangely, it doesn't take a full erection either: almost like it isn't necessary (so don't worry if the original hardness fades), as your penis lies up on your tummy simply pressed there by the vibrating tip. But the way in which the climax arrives and lasts is not like the normal thrusting male ******; the *********** itself is quite different, slower and more sustained, really powerful, and goes on and on. The feeling is as much inside you as it it in your penis: a real belly clenching, whole body tension.

It is very different from the normal hand job, and it does make you look react physically like a woman when she climaxes, and it does last a lot longer. With practice and mental control you can even do it with a lot less stimulation.

Is this my inner female sexuality being found? Can a man have a female ******?
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I am so happy to have found this information. I had simply given female organisms to something I'd never experience, like motherhood, but now I think this will help me and my future significant other be closer than the average married couple.

Just smoke/vape/eat marijuana...

Google it and you will see. Seriously, do it.

And besides that, if affects men way more than women (I guess it's because their orgarsm is already really strong so they don't notice that much of a difference.

Trust me, it's THAT powerful.

BUT, be sure to go with an INDICA strain, as it acts more on your body than it does in your head. Indica orgarsms are way stronger than Sativa orgarms.

Thank me later.

I'm probably going to be the mean one here, but honestly, no. I've talked to thousands of men who want a female ******, and thousands of men who try desperately, exploring tantric sex and crossdressing.... They simply cannot achieve it. Multiple male *******, even with 0 refractory period, simply are not 1/10 as good as female *******.

If you really want to experience female ******, start injecting estrogen. After a few months you should be able to unlock the secrets.

I was really offended by all the *******'s ...I was warned beforehand of the nature and adult content of the blog ---why treat us live 5th graders?

You didn't turn off your profile's content filtering.

I completely concur with LeonJollans! let me share a story about SWIM, naturally.

SWIM happens to be a straight, married male who is open to prostate and a-nal play, SWIM can certainly attest to a variety of orga_m types resulting from a variety of simulations.

Traditional male orga_m is NOTHING like prostate orga_m, just as clitoral orga_m is NOTHING like vaginal orga_m.

SWIM definitely found the revelation that ALL humans are essential “female gendered” until 2nd trimester quite interesting as SWIM is quite certain he has recently been experiencing orga_ms nearly identical to those experienced by women. Perhaps this 1st semester effeminate existence of all males has residual forces that can be tapped into with meditation and practice?

SWIM experiences intense DRY orga_ms from prostate stimulation (Google “aneros helix”) that can occur many, many times in a single session. Often referred to as Male Multiple Orga_m, these particular types of orga_ms are traffic-stopping, mind-blowing, and earth shattering in every way shape and form. SWIM often temporarily forgets to breathe as his legs, buttocks, and stomach muscles shake and convulse uncontrollably.

For any straight male that has not experienced this, SWIM assures you that you are missing out on a near spiritual experience.

These MMOs overwhelm the body in pulsing waves of pleasure and can ebb and flow for hours if so inclined. Time often stands still during these sessions, leading to 3 and even 4 hours sessions of multi-orga_mic bliss...

Being inspired by the prostate induced MMO, SWIM started exploring other areas of his body and being a keen visual-spatial driven individual, has learned to somehow partially envision himself as a woman, yet possesses no attraction to men or any inclination to be with a male partner.

SWIM can begin imagining what it would be like to have female parts. A few minutes of rubbing and imagination lead to a swollen feeling in said area and a distinct sensitivity in what would be his vaginal and clitoral areas if he were a woman. The clitoral area is in nearly the exact same spot as on a woman, perhaps a tad bit higher, and rubbing, pressing, tapping this area produces some headrushing sensations. Likewise, pressing firmly inward (with fingers or toys) in nearly the same spot as a woman's vaginal opening allows him to feel a sensation of penetration.

SWIM reports that he can produce an orga_m by stimulating one or both of these parts individually or in unison, but also has come to readily understanding frustrations expressed by many women related in getting so close to orga_ming, only to have the stimulation ever-so-slightly change and feel the orga_m "slip away" ... More stimulation brings him back to the edge of orga_m once again and with enough concentration--literally, he has to concentrate on it—and just the right "angle" and rubbing patterns/motions he can produce a massive body shaking orga_m.
Aftershocks, as described above, can continue for hours. Sometimes just thinking about a recent session the next day can produce a flushed, pulsating, and pleasant "ache" as well as some involuntary contractions within his nether region.

Some research has turned up that the reactions described above are called perineum orga_ms, and for SWIM, the experiences have provided him with an eye-opening, life-change perspective on sexuality and gender.

All of this is done without hormones.

SWIM still enjoys traditional sex with his wife, who remains quite non-judgmental yet also quite uninterested in his recent discoveries, but also equally looks forward to solo opportunities to experience his newly discovered sexual abilities. For a while, the feeling and perceived needs to rub off a dry “quickie” was nearly uncontrollable.

Q: Are teenaged women who have recently discovered the orga_m, quite “addicted” to it for a while, or was that just SWIM? That is not to say they horror themselves around, but let’s be honest: the kagillion dollar sex toy industry is disproportionately women-slanted.

SWIM believes his experience--which is the result of a solid year of aneros practice--is keenly connected to a learned ability to simultaneously blend/transcend the physical and mental attributes that contribute to the human orga_m response, but is certainly open to other suggestions or scientific explanations. Either way, SWIM says this has been the most unique, interesting and pleasurable life journey he has had to date… It’s just too bad that his schedule does not often afford him the 2-4 hours he desires and often needs to get worked up and strapped in to said orga_mic thrill ride 8D

I've seen this post about SWIM elsewhere. I'm intrigued to learn from him...

soooo is this like a female orgasam? and if so how do i do this?is it really that good?can anyone post links to articles or studies about this

Male and female sexual response are actually a lot more similar than many fully realize. One of the main differences is the strength of the male refractory period after ******. By avoiding *********** (as already mentioned), men can avoid the more pronounced post-****** refractory period, and achieve ******* that are very similar to the female response curve.
Also, many are unaware of the full potential for ****** in males, who can experience those 'I can't walk, talk or function for 30 minutes' sort of ******* that women can also sometimes achieve. This is not even a 'prostate massage/anal' sort of thing, but just having a partner that understands the analogues between male and female anatomy (and that the male is derived from the female form biologically).
I think most men have never or rarely really experienced ******* like these (including myself, tho once!...), but those of us that have been lucky enough to see videos of those who understand 'the spots' (analogues to the pubis mons, vulva, labia, and even nipple play for some, plus all the other areas you'd think to touch, including prostate stimulation from the outside or inside of the body), well, we'll never be the same. Some lucky men already have ******* like this, maybe just from their penis, but for most of us, it takes a little education about our anatomy and how we're wired sexually.
I had one ****** like this, once, and needed 15 minutes just to be able to start forming sentences. I've witnessed (!) women have ******* like this like they were born to it, with a sort of ownership and radiance about them that is hard to comprehend. Maybe with more practice? :)
Someone who is really skilled with this in men can even use this to stave off the male refractory period, so that men that usually would not be able to become aroused and get hard can return to erection and their arousal peak (and without the aid of viagra/cialis). Never had this done, but have seen video of this, where a man who had orgasmed and was going completely flat was induced to three mind-shattered ******* in less than 10 minutes. If you understand what is going on, it is not surprising. What was surprising is how skilled she was with touch, how much she understood men and their arousal. Really something else.

can you post links to the video, I'm really interested.

I'm not sure about vaginal orgazm.. but I like vanilla floats !!!

the best way to do this is through mmo, multiple male ******. If you look it up you will find some great ways to do it. Personally I have gotten up to four in a row( that means without losing erection). By the last ****** I was screaming! I thought my head was going to fall off. It was amazing

right. apologies for the sp_lling and so on, it's go get around this stupid censorship, on a page about something we al share as humans, something as natural as our skin and hair, our s_xuality. Now please chill out about it! Honestly.. censorship? really? Grow up. Rant over.. original post follows....<br />
<br />
I am not transsexual, nor do I have any gender or sexuaity confusion. I am a heterosexual man, though I have experimented in order to find this out for myself, test myself maybe, I don't know. I certainly don't feel like a woman in a man's body, I have no doubt of my masculinity and I'm proud and thankful for it.<br />
<br />
However, with that said, I am exteremely interested in the depths of my sexuality and sexual response, which may make me unusual compared to many men. I have spent some time exploring my own sexual response in depth so that I may enjoy stronger, longer and more fulfilling org_sms, Male multiple org_sm (achieved by suppressing ej_culation) and prostate org_sm - although I have not so far had much success there.<br />
<br />
Recently I was considering that a woman's 'C' (sorry for the cryptic 'C' - I'm trying to avoid censorship asterisks) develops from the same foetal organ as the head of a man's 'P' so if I stimulated that in the same way would the experience be closer? Or maybe provide some insight. Well this has become interesting. It's not the first time I've atempted this, by any means, but it's the first time I#ve approached it in this way, focusing on the whole body sensation and the mental submission to it. And I just spent the last ten minutes trembling on my bed, glowing from far more powerful sensations than ej_culation although not having actually achieved org_sm as such. <br />
<br />
Make of that what you will.<br />
<br />
Now I've long been aware that I can come with different intensities depending on many factors, but as a man, ej_culation is so intrinsically linked to our experience of org_sm it's tough to truly recognise the differences. I may have come to this point through the "back door" as it were, as I started this journey trying to improve my stamina and control, however I started to explore the difference in org_sm I could achieve purely through my state of mind. <br />
<br />
A few of you above have spoken about getting into the "female mindset" and I think there's something in that, but it's not necessarily a female thing. I think it's a human thing, and feminising it is perhaps a distraction, and one that may put many men off attempting. I suppose it's a female mindset in a sense that it's all that women have to work with, as they don't have quite the same ej_culation mechanisms in there as men do distracting them, they don't have a prostate gland taking over hormone release, so there's a different kicker, but while the sensations of stmulation might be different on acount of the different shapes of our genitals, I do believe that as a man you can focus on the pure sexual sensation in much the same way as a woman if you can put the usual, familiar prostate-led ej_culation "journey" off to one side, as if it weren't there. <br />
<br />
This is hard as a man. It's likely that every org_sm we ever had since we were I don't know, 10 or 11 or younger, has been intrinsically linked to the ej_culation response, so having the self belief and awareness that we can org_sm separately from that is a huge leap of faith. But lads, consider also that many women have not org_smed until later life, and some have never org_smed at all. There's a huge mental component as well as the right stimulation for all of us, but, once that's unlocked, women can become as org_smic as hell.<br />
<br />
And so, I believe, can you guys. I believe the same "unlocking" is possible for men if we can suppress our ej_culation response. This is partly what's behind male multiple org_sm (MMO) although they typically talk about muscle control to suppress ej_culation. I'm coming to realise now that what's actually needed is far more mental than physical, and the trick is to understand that org_sm and ej_culation are separate, and having the self awareness, and perhaps strength, to be able to make this separation real. Note that MMO literature talks of org_sms that build up and escalate to the point of altered states of consciousness once MMO is achieved and you get past five or six. This sounds crazy to us men, but I'm fairly sure it doesn't to a lot of women. I have been with women who've not known whre they were from org_sming so hard, which is not something we generally experience as man from prostate driven ejacuatory org_sm. The MMO journey promises this, and I am coming to understand how and why.<br />
<br />
I also understand that prostate org_sm, widely regarded as significantly more powerful (10x plus) than a normal male ej_culatory org_sm requires a huge mental component to work. This put me off in the past, as it felt somewhat "tantric" and too diverting. I want to FEEL it, not IMAGINE it. However having said that, I've lately been able to move org_smic "energy" around my body and fill up my legs, my arms, my chest and my head to the point of quivering and twitching like crazy while being acutely aware of the sensations, just by rubbing the tip of my P and freeing my mind from the idea that "coming" means what it always meant in the past, i.e. ej_culation. Being free of that, which is a real mental block considering it's 100% of my past experience of org_sm, is really really difficult, but I think if I can truly achieve that, some very very powerful org_sms await, which I have no reason to doubt would be comparable to the female experience.

I Concur with You on ALL of this, and have the personal, mind-blowing experiences to back it up :)

It most definitely is possible. It is a mind set. While I am sure that penetration is not always necessary, it certainly doesn't hurt! I was once being penetrated in both ends (I love a good spit roast) in an adult theater, and after a while the thought of being watched coupled with the specter of a possible police raid, and of course the sex act itself pushed me over the top. I had been at it for over an hour without any penile stimulation at all, and I exploded like never before. My knees went like jelly, I couldn't catch my breath, I was unbelievably loud and it lasted longer than ever before. My lovers had to support me with their strong hands I was shaking and trembling all over. It made me weak all over in an exceptionally good way!<br />
<br />
The greatest sex organ isn't a penis or a vagina, it is the human mind. Once you realize that you can transcend the binary of gender and experience glimpses of true nirvana!

You must sound and look so sexy when you pleasure yourself like that!

Yes it most defiantly is possible for a man to have a female ******.<br />
<br />
But of course I maybe an exception to the rule because I have never really been male though that is what my records say that I am. I have been having earth shattering female ******* for years, it was not something that I taught myself either. I do not need to be penetrated to have them, most happen without any ***********. The last one happened after I was rubbing and caressing my breasts and nipples and then reached down to rub my crotch, it hit me so hard that I could not keep myself from straightening out and shaking all over, but I did not ********* not even a drop.<br />
<br />
As women, sometimes we are able to do things that aren't necessarily things we were taught or learned we just happen to be able to do them.<br />
<br />

I think if you are familiar enough with the anatomy of the opposite gender and have the ability to imagine it then certainly, or you can at least come close. If people who have lost limbs can still feel them, then perhaps it's possible to feel something you've never had. I have had fantasies where I have switched between being the male and the female, and the "sensation" of having a real penis seemed realistic enough - though I will never know how close my imagination is =)

You know the song from the musical, 'By George I think she has got it'. Well, I am sure that you have. I have stopped using a 'toy' as what I find is that I climax so quickly that its all in my genital area. By letting my thoughts project me into a sensual state of feminism, not only do I enjoy much deeper climaxes, where my breasts tingle, but I finish into multiples, just like Val does. Whoopeeee.

@kjohnson: I do believe you have found the same as I have!

I am a cross dresser and I believe I figured out how I can have a ******* like a woman. It's about ten times as intense as the normal male *******. It's amazing, and for some reason I get uncontrolably vocal. I can't hold it in at all. It takes a lot longer to build to it and the release takes longer as well. The whole body feels it and spasims uncontrolably for me. I think a lot of it is state of mind. You have to get in the female mind set. I completely imagine myself as woman during it. These ******** are way better then normal male ones.

if you sit a seat abnove a wheel on the bus(coach) after a few minutes the viration of the turning wheel will begin to give a man an erection, so i can well imagine that the same thing happens with the **** stim. on a more concentrated area so to speak,

Of course it is possible and I thank God it is. There are far to many people ready to tell you what is and what is not and they ba<x>se their opinions of what they know. They were perfectly open to learning at one point but once they reached a point where they thought themselves educated they stopped being open minded and became important. Such a waste. I believe that as long as we can be open minded we can learn new things, but once we decide that what we know is all there is we begin to decline, wither, and expire. I love the new sensations that are constantly revealed as I explore my femininty. We were born male or female but I think it possible to evolve to something more, I don't know what the final version will be and don't want to. I just enjoy the new experiences and let them show me the way.<br />
<br />

Divisions in females. Some females only enjoy sex with masculinity. A mans man. ( Not me). Some enjoy sex with masculinity providing they make the woman feel feminine, like Dermot with me. Thats before we go on to lesbian relationships which are more complicated, with various mixes. I cannot have sex if I am not made to feel feminine. Somehow, I manage to import the mind of a cross-dresser who is seeking to be feminine and because I am the template that confirms my femininty. Can you get your mind around that??????????

I now believe that the answer is a very near yes. I appeared on a local radio coffee morning some years ago where a professional, stated that she did not believe that was possible. In just a few years, the science of gender has been turned upside down. I believe that the sensation of a climas can be the same in male or female if all of the nerve characteristics are replicated, along with the male mind set becoming feminine. The only males that I have ever know who have enjoyed a multiple climax which is a good yard stick for a female climax have been cross-dressers who have been wearing an artificial female cavity which simulates their part being restricted in movement just like mine.