My Girl Roomate And I Made Out

We had a christmas party and we all drank, before that i told my roomate i had experienced with a girl a gave her some details and she seemed to approve, then she said im a little jelous actually, and we just laughed, we proceed to grt drunk extremly wasted like baaad, (let me just say that before this two weekends ago we had gotrwn super wasted too and we kisses french kissed twice)and we didnt mwntion anuthing at all acted as if nothing happened and kept saying she disnt remember i might of believes her that time, but thia time was different although she qas more drunk than last time, this time i ended up being in her bed, we started kissing and then i started caresing her, and touching her stomach and breasts i wanted to make her get turned on , so after that i proceeded massagung and tou hing her vagina, i started noticing she qas getting reallllyyyy wet like extremly and i asked her to tell me if she wanted for me to stop but she said no and she opened her legs, so i started fingering her and kissing her, before that however she bu herself took of her shirt wich made me go boob crazy, i started toching them softly and tenderly, i know she has a bf and i know thia is a weird thought but i wanted to be good, i wanted for her to like it more than she does with her bf, whoch i dont know if thats just being normal and competitive bcs i dont want a relationahop with her but i do think ahes a great girl, so anyways i touched her breasts and she was completlyy naked and i loves being able to have that with her, the next day we acted as if nothing hapened we watched movies and ate and stayed in our pijamas, do u guys think this is weird? Is she bi too? What do u ppl think??
Anamegk Anamegk
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

You gotta strike while the iron is hot! If you don't, you just leave the other person frustrated or questioning your interest in them. Look what happened afterwards - you're just awkwardly trying to ignore what happened. Don't let thoughts about being competitive screw things up for you. You can't control everything so you shouldn't be feeling like you are competing with someone else if you don't even want a real relationship.