Blissful Thoughts

If there's such a thing, I would really like to close my eyes and leave my life today just to experience this blissful moment. I want to open my eyes to see a paradise so I could dance in merriment, laugh carelessly, enjoy the cool wind as it damps on my face, inhale the fresh air as it plays with my hair... indulge with everything I see and feel like forever is not enough....wishing the magical moment wont end so my smile wont go for I would know how it feels like to be in heaven
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Benjoz, it's so refreshing to read your comment. My real world is different though.<br />
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My marriage lives in paper only. Sad to say that. I want to share forever with my husband coz that was our vows to each other but he defiled it.<br />
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I can forgive everything because nobody's perfect. I listened when he yelled, when he blamed me for his weakness, and he did everything infront of his relatives..He ridiculed me but I stayed because he always said sorry afterward. I tried to save the marriage because I lived in a broken home before we got married. He knew it and he promised me it won;t happen to us. It's the only request I asked of him, to be faithful.<br />
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I can never accept the word sorry anymore when he cheated on me.<br />
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I am happier not living with him anymore. It's sad that I came from a broken home, yet have to endure another one. But it's life. History repeats itself.<br />
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True love sets free. It doesn't cage a beloved. Instead, it goes beyond what a cheating heart could never understand. <br />
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I don't want him to be trapped in my arms. For me, you can only cheat on your spouse if you don;t love him/her anymore. How would you believe someone saying I love you everytime then you can catch him with another woman?

some homes could be paradise while some wouldn't the choice is ours the way we live our life, to live a happy couple life as a husband I have decided to always let wife have say than I do and with that, I ahve said goodbye to stress in marriage you guys can try it too.

I almost choked seeing your profile name...(lol)...just kidding..thanks for the nice comment!

ahh i just breathed in that magnificent post! :D I, really?...thanks!

Always have hopes and dreams BF. You deserve the magic.

thanks for giving hope.

Yes there is such a thing and yes it will come. The trigger will be when you fall in LOVE... When you meet your perfect match, not just your soul mate but your twin light you will dance in merriment and everything will look and feel different. It is magical! Where will you find him? Inside yourself. Think and make a list of all the qualities you wish to see in him and make sure you are prepared to give back the same. Soon he will appear on the outside... I look forward to hear from you then. Open your mind, the rest will follow...