I've wanted to experience making love to a virgin all my life and be the one to make it happen, but wasn't able to find someone to experience it with..
Just being that person that makes it an amazing experience, to put her first, to make sure it's not painful, to make sure she is dictating the pace and not being hurt in any way, to make sure she is absolutely ready. Just bringing her into womanhood and she can look back and say, it was amazing.
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On one hand it's a little sad that you put so emphasis on a girl's virginity than her character. These girls you refer to might be really nice people who lost their virginity to someone who they probably thought would love and cherish them forever, and had their hearts broken. On the other hand - I'm a virgin myself and people think I'm such a sweetheart but I've broken so many hearts, I think I'm quite the *****. You need to stop giving importance to a girl's virginity status, and give more importance to qualities like kindness and empathy. See how much she cares for you. See how much you like each other. These are things that'll make you happy in the long run. Virginity vanishes overnight, then they're just like everyone else :)

I see exactly what you're saying, most girls would love to lose that virginity to someone who is meaningful who they love, who they cherish. But even when the guys are very nice guys who they are together with, tend to still think about themselves on that night when it happens and it ends up being a bad experience for them that they never forget. There are some girls who just want to make sure it was a memorable experience, where their bodies were respected when it happened and they enjoyed it at the end of the day.. regardless to who it is. But you do have a valid point there, just not all girls does it that way, they prefer an unforgeable experience that I know I will give :)

Same here, wasn't able to find me that one girl that was a virgin.