What A Waste

Many years ago I was talking to an old girlfriend. She was discussing her prior marriage and things that had gone wrong. When she had had her daughter her breasts were full of milk. When she would have an ****** while having sex with her husband, her milk would let down and she would squirt all over her husband's chest while she was riding him. Oh my. That story made me so hot. She said her ex had hated it and thought it disgusting. I was amazed. How could any man, especially a marriage partner that had fathered her child, think this was anything other than beautiful and erotic? To this day I don't understand it and I find it a great waste. I would love to have been in his position.

Unlike my old girlfriend, my ex wanted nothing to do with breastfeeding and thought my desire to taste her milk an annoyance at best. Sometimes people are so mismatched.
crazyniceguy crazyniceguy
56-60, M
Dec 15, 2012