Every Night

Sex is much better for the woman then it is for the man. The man just humps and that's pretty much all there is to it. Now a woman is completely different. I would love for the guy to foreplay with me, kissing and licking all the sensitive spots that make my ***** tight, lusting for that **** inside me. To feel his lips and hands around my breasts, to feel his tongue eating my ***** out. And then finally look at him and moan as I feel his **** penetrating my body. To feel my muscles contract as I yell and squirt and ***, having and ****** one after another...and finally feel the *** squirt inside me, filling me up and feeling in it come out my ***** and down to my *** as I grab some with my fingers tasting the delicious elixir. And put him inside me one more time so I can suck his *** covered **** ;).
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1 Response May 22, 2012

I would do that for you.