Catherine Zeta Jones sex fantasy with a Hot Well Hung Stud!!

I have this fantasy about looking exactly like Catherine Zeta Jones in her prime, except with even bigger breasts, 36 D-Cups. Walking around in a nightclub where every man is looking at me. I flash each of them a suggestive, seductive smile. They melt. Almost every guy tries to hit on me, I giggle and act girly and give them false hopes. But in the end I spot the tall, alpha-male Calvin Klein model in the room, and throw myself at him. He takes me back to his hotel, where I tell him I'm going to make my self comfortable. I go into the restroom, and look in the mirror. I'm blushing from sexual arousal by the stud I'm about to get ravaged by and I'm looking drop dead gorgeous. I let my beautiful hair down and pull my tight purple dress over my head and off my body, slowly. I check out and grope my huge perky breasts and narrow hips and can't wait for him to see me. I can't wait to have him slide into me and pound away until I have several 30 second ******* one after another all over my body head to toe!

I step out of the bathroom and turn my head and see him lying on the bed in the nude, with rock-hard abs, a 10 inch penis and balls the size of shotputs! I gasp and bite my lips and drool at the feast I am about to devour! The biological instincts of a woman  kick in, and I feel pleasure I never felt before. Being a man and looking at gorgeous naked women gives me much pleasure, but never the amount as I feel now. He grabs me and holds me close, and tight. My breasts and nipples become erect, I am flush red, I can't breathe, and start to blackout. I am in a state of ecstasy I never knew existed and do not want to leave.

He pins me down and starts kissing me. I am asphyxiating, gasping for air, and yet loving every second of it. He presses his lips hard against mine for 40 seconds and when he releases I let out a long deep blissful moan, as tears rolled down my cheeks. It only gets better as he slid his 10 inches and 4 pounds into me! It is a pleasurable sensation I never knew was possible, and I want nothing more for the rest of my life but to feel it. I put my hands all the way down his muscular back, moaning uncontrollably at each each inch I touch. He is amazing! I look into his blue eyes  as he drills into me, I can not believe this was happening! This is ooooh hurt-me-bad sexy you cannot even imagine!
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Do you want to dress as a girl or have gay wants?

Actually no, and don't want surgery either. Its just a fantasy about actually becoming a young Catherine Zeta Jones for one erotic day. Its like a curious vacation more than anything.