Straight Fantasy

I'm a straight male, but since as a kid I found hidden in my stepmother's bookshelf the hippy-ish 'Woman's Experience of Sex', I mentally alternate between preferring the male and the female fantasy of having sex.

I love slim, beautiful female bodies, and though I appreciate the aesthetic of a handsome man, have no sexual feeling to them from my own bodily self. But when turned on, I reflect on how women seem to be able to enjoy sex more than men. I love to imagine their imagination and desire for their partner. A few times as a student I overheard couples having sex, and it was the woman's pleasure you could hear. Sometimes gasps of relief, other times rhythmic panting, trying hard not to make too much noise. In general women are far more vocal during sex, giving themselves up to the feeling, emotionally opening themselves to the vulnerability of penetration.

The whole cross-dressing thing doesn't appeal at all though: my body is male and isn't going to become female through accessorising it. In fantasy we take the place of the other who is NOT us - that is what is arousing about it, the pure strangeness.


igorplum igorplum
31-35, M
Mar 27, 2009