There's No Time Better Then Now

If you've never tried but want to have sex like a woman try connecting with an understand man on the web, perhaps like me.   clean and ddf.

Once we plan to meet I'll give you the address.  It shouldn't be awkward because we both know what's on you mind , why your here.  And we both want a good out come!

First I'm going to ask you what you want?  And you should respond, out loud, that you want to suck **** like a women.  Saying out loud will calm you down and set in you mind what you what to do.  Suck a man's ****, today!

I'll put my hand on your shoulder as you kneel in front of me.  now go ahead and unbutton my pants and take my **** in your hand and look at it!  Really look at it. No man can stay soft for long,if he thinks someone is worshipping his ****.  And this is what you came for Right?

Wet you lips in anticipation.  In fact make sure your well hydrated for this experience.  Now stick your tongue out over you lower lip to help guide the **** into you mouth.  Take it a little at a time as you became accustomed to it and work your tongue hard along the under side of the shaft.   Savor the taste and experience.  Relax and breath though your nose as you work you tongue around the ridge of the head.  Yeah that's the way I like it!

now you can do what comes naturally, bobbing up and down until you find a rhythm we're both comfortable at.  You'll know when we've because begin to speak that blow job language that only **** and lips can hear.  You'll explore the depths of your throat and concentrate on only one thing, please the ****.  I let you know what i like and don't like.

By now you should be feeling the euphoria of the bond and never want it to end, but wondering when I going to come.   And I'll ask, Do you want more?


stevejohns stevejohns
51-55, M
5 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Manwoman: It's OK to be turned on thinking of sucking my ****. I think you already know or suspect that It has to do with losing oneself in the bigger picture of serving with only pleasure in mind. Manwowan, It’s not a blow job, it can be a deeply spiritual experience, taking you and the **** to mutually ecstatic and mind-blowing places.

Teachme, I think you should be wearing you finest while your sucking my ****. That way I'll know how serious you are. After all my **** is my most prized possession, and if you are going to establish a trusted and deep bond with it, I'd like see some effort put in to it!

What would you like me to be wearing while I am sucking your ****?

God! I don't want to get turned on but i am , I am! And I LOVE women! Maybe someday I'll be ready to enjoy someone like you too.

where do you live I would love for you to teach me how to suck you