Wedding Dress

While living in Europe, I became friends with a very creative and sensual woman who loved sissies. We would play for hours as I modeled outfits for her and share fantasies. Usually, we would end up with her ******* me with a *****. Of course, this lead eventually to her asking if I would like a real ****. I had a few experiences with me while dressed in my frills and satin. My friend arranged for a special day and a special outfit: a wedding dress that she had borrowed from her work in the fashion industry. I took off work and was at her place at 8:30 am to prepare. I first put on my pink corset and white stockings. Then a wonderful cream-colored satin cami. Next came the petticoats. And finally she helped me into the dress. It was beautiful. It flared nicely at the hips and the hem just brushed the floor. I did my makeup and we chatted until her friend arrived. He and I sat together on the couch and soon we were kissing. The rustle of the dress was a huge turnon. Soon we were in her bedroom and he very gently pushed the dress over my lips. My face was buried in the pillow as I felt my panties being lowered. I had cleaned and lubed before so there was no need for the awkward preparations. He entered me in one thurst. There is always that moment of pain and panic, but it subsided just as quickly. I loved over and my friend was standing in the doorway fingering herself and gave be a smile of encouragement. My `husband' had me for 10 minutes or more. I was moaning and thrashing my head by the end. He pulled out and confessed that he couldn't come with a condom. I was happy to help. I arranged my dress in a lovely pool of lace and satin and happily sucked him. He came on my face (which was a first for me.) My life and work have changed quite a bit and I no longer have much opportunity for such playtimes. But I think about it often and bring myself to wonderful ******* with the memory.




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7 Responses Mar 1, 2010

very lovely, too bad it didn't last longer.

what a wonderful experience nothing like having a man make you a woman

That is soooooo AWESOME! My god! I want a wedding dress!

you are one very lucky girl I just wish I could have friends that would do that for me

It most have been a great day if only you live in uk

I would love to feel someone come inside me. I just need to find the right husband. By the way, dly, you look lovely in that dress!

You should have allowed your husband to *** while inside of you, it really makes you feel more like woman.