Male, Female, Or Somewhere Inbetween

I claim bisexuality, but is it really just that I know I can't be happy the way I am, so it really doesn't matter?


Heres how I break it down.

1) I am attracted physically mostly only to male genitalia.

2) I am attracted emotionally mostly only to women.

3) I prefer heterosexual sex, but wish I was on the recieving end.

4) I would never get the surgery simply because I feel like it would disapoint me.

5) Anal has little to no appeal to me.

6) I want to dress, act, be treated, and have sex as though I was a woman.

7) I am currently having sex and in a relationship with a lesbian. (yes, she can look past my body and see the woman, and its working out so far)


Will I ever be completly happy? Probally not, I just want to put on cute outfits, and be taken advantage of, but not anally. Only time will tell if I can come to terms with the fact that I cant be a woman, its kind of unfair but w/e.

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18-21, M
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

There may well come a day when you are with a man who sees you and wants you as a woman, and if and when that happens you will give yourself completely to him, yes darling probably even anal.