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I Would Give Anything To Experience Sex As A Woman

I find my mind wandering more often than not about what it would feel like to make love as a woman. What does it feel like to have my female parts touched, kissed? What does it feel like to get wet when I'm turned on? To be eaten out? To be penetrated by a man's penis? To have him c*m inside of me? To org*sm? How would I taste?

I long to know the answers to all of these questions. To know would be a start, but I would really love to experience them myself.

1987Samantha 1987Samantha 22-25, M 8 Responses Apr 14, 2010

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I have fantasized about all of those things. I've come close on a few occasions! Imagination is great! My c*m has always been great at those times!!

Mmmmm...It is truly more Earth Shattering than you can imagine...

That has been a life long fantasy of mine. To be treated beautiful, and made love to like a woman.

Fantasize the same feelings. Even having my period. ;-)

Really? I'm guessing your either not a woman, or you just have never had sex.
I have had lots of sexual experiences and still do now in my late 60's.
Since I have always been a woman that's is how I have had it. ( as a woman)
I have only had a few times of the thousands of times that I haven't enjoyed sex.
Even when I didn't want it , like when I was abused on a city bus. My body responded and I still orgasmed. Having some one you love on the giving end in front of you is basic need number one. Being presentable " clean, hot , sexy and ready to go "is basic need number two. He will follow through until you get his love potion number 9 for sure. Marymarthazetta read my stories.

Yes, my feeling exactly. LonelyFemale86 is so right, it is not even about the sex; it is about the feeling of being a complete woman, the ability to get pregnant (to experience having a new life growing and developing inside of me), and to have someone to share things with.

I'm so with you Hon. I'm kinda "seeing" a man, and really hope he will take my virginity as far as a girl goes.

Oh my god I understand you completely and wish I could have sex as a woman. I always want to know how my ***** would feel if I was eaten out.