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I have this one really good friend, and as I have stated from my last post I really want to have a **** in my ***. I can't tell him I'm gay to get him to **** me cause I'm not, and neither is he. I think he might be into it because when we are wrestling with my dog (in my bed) after it runs away we lay there for awhile. He usually is facing me and I have my back turned to him. Almost every time we do this he says "Raping time" and wraps his arms around me and starts rapidly pelvic thrusting my ***. I can't help but push my butt into his thrusts. They feel amazing. Other times when I'm on my hands and knees looking for something he comes up and starts thrusting into me like in the bed. I get the impression he wants to **** me but he says he could never imaging having anal sex and shoving his **** up someone's ***. What should I do? I really want him to **** me.
idkwhatitshouldbe idkwhatitshouldbe 13-15, M 3 Responses Dec 29, 2013

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I like what you said. I'd like have my boyfriend get ****** by another guy only if I'm there to enjoy too. He and I talk about this and we both agree this would be hot. We are going to find videos to watch and see if we want to explore this further.

He wants to, he's probably just worried that you'd freak

Go for it! Next time he does it, expose your *** and see what he does