I Want To Taste A Girl Sooo Bad

so Ive always felt really sexual even at a young age, but always considered myself heterosexual maybe because of cultural norms, or family values or whatever but for the past few years Im 23 now Ive noticed I am really, really into women! Idk if that makes me bi, gay or what since ive never been with one but I certainly know they turn me on! I mean heck I ********** just thinking about women a lot! The thing is though is that I am engaged, and I absolutely love my fiance he is the greatest man I could ever ask for, is it selfish of me to want to have a lesbian experience though? I feel like if I dont before I get married Im going to wake up one day and cheat on him, because it seems like hte desire will never go away. Weve talked about ********** but were both really shy people, and I dont want it to hurt our relationship, besides that I kinda want to do a woman by myself. =/ what do I do?
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I've just recently had the same conversation with my fiancé, he's very understanding and open. But I don't know where to go from here, what do I do now that I know I'm interested in exploring

Soooo dooo i!

well experience together! Im 22 in college going through the same thoughts as you:/

I'm in the same situation. I love my fiance dearly, and he knows about my desire to be with a woman, but we're both worried about the effect it might have on our relationship.

If you're afraid to have an experience with a woman now, it likely will be even more taboo once you're married. So NOW is the time if you can find a willing and desirable partner. <br />
Curious... do you have an update? Max

My ex-wife experimented with other women when she was in her twenties but decided that although it was enjoyable she preferred men - A few years after we divorced she was back experimenting again - I am still in contact with her and she confided with me that she is definitely bi-sexual now. <br />
An ex from when I was in my twenties was almost constantly in a relationship with one guy or another. She was depressed whenever she was unattached so she often overlapped her boyfriends so she wouldnt have a gap when she split up with them. This even applied when she was married and already had a guy lined up before she was even separated from her husband. Eventually after living half her life like this she decided to try sex with a woman - apparently she hasnt looked back and at last report was still happily shacked up with the same woman she met and bedded 10 years ago. <br />
Another ex of mine had so many horrific relationships with guys after we broke up she swore off men. She tried a lesbian relationship for a couple of months but she told me that although she enjoyed the sex the woman she hooked up with was a bit horrible. I met her and concur with that analysis. From what my ex told me this girl basically treated her like some kind of trophy and didnt really show her much respect otherwise (just like many of her male partners) Unfortunately even though she admittedly enjoyed the sex it has put her off seeking out another such relationship. Having said all that if you are curious by all means explore while you have the chance.

Hey...i feel the same with you right now...its just totally the same....

wish i could meet u when u had the feelings the very first time

"what do I do?" <br />

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Maybe you can talk to your fiance about your desires. I think men in general like the idea of their lady being involved intimately with another woman and probably would not be as threatened as he would with another man. It's just a thought...<br />
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I feel the same way. :-)