An All-girl Sleepover

I'm very old now, but believe it or not, I was young at one point. When I was freshly 19, I was hired as a dancer at a burlesque bar. The other dancers were mostly very nice, and I befriended quite a few of them. We would plan little outings, often in the evenings or late nights, and often leading to us going home with men. I enjoyed these outings, and I liked the men, but most of my rush came from being with my friends. I flt more titillation from goofing around in the dressing rooms than I did from being in a man's apartment, having sex.

I was excited when one of the lead dancers, Georgia, invited a group of the girls to stay over at her condo, and also nervous. There were 5 of us- myself, my best friend Lillian, Georgia, Mirabel and Virginia. Georgia served us finger foods, and we all drank champagne as we swapped stories and laughed. We stumbled into the master bedroom to change into our night clothes. We all joked and compared breast sizes. I wore my nicest pink nightie, but seeing some of their night clothes made me feel inferior. They were silky and lacy, and mine was so plain. Mirabel and Virginia started laying down on the couch, stroking each other. I think we all knew it was going to be a bit of a petting party from the beginning, and Mirabel and Virginia were much drunker than the rest of us were, and they just wanted to lay down and touch each other. This was okay, Georgia, Lillian, and I just took the champagne and all sat down on the bed. We swapped secrets and jokes, drank more, and I found myself lying on my stomach. Lillian was softly stroking my back, and my head was spinning enough that I wanted to put my head down and close my eyes for a little bit. When I opened my eyes again, Georgia and Lillian were topless, laying down next to each other, kissing. I was still drunk but my head wasn't swimming anymore, and I just watched the two of them for a little. They only noticed I was awake when I moved my leg, and Georgia turned over to face me. She hooked my hair behind my ear and gently kissed me. She tasted like champagne and strawberries. My pulse pounded strongly, and I felt a tingle drop into the bottom of my groin like I'd never felt before. She touched me softly, ran her fingers gently over my breasts, touching them like no one had ever done before.

Mirabel and Virginia were suddenly very loud. The three of us turned to look at them and their legs were intertwined with each other and they were grinding wildly. I didn't know exactly what they were doing until I experienced it for myself almost a year later with Lillian. Georgia said something and the girls stopped and giggled in embarrassment. They joined the rest of us on the bed, and Mirabel laid across my legs. Georgia teased about Mirabel being on my legs and that made it so I couldn't get away. Lillian pinned my arms down playfully and kissed me, Virginia played with my breasts, and my legs trembled under Mirabel and Georgia. When Virginia put her mouth on my nipple, I thought I would lose it. I did lose it when I felt two mouths on my nipples, and I kissed Lillian's chest as she kissed Virginia. We all collapsed in a heap, lulling into sleep.

Lillian and I were on the outer edge of the bed, and had trouble staying on. I couldn't get to sleep, so I went to the guest bedroom to sleep. I assumed everyone else had been asleep, but a little while later Lillian walked into the room. She climbed into bed with me and we started to whisper back and forth. She kissed me, and we rubbed our bodies together. We ******** each others clothes off, stroked each others bodies, and she kissed my breasts, then kissed my stomach, then put her fingers inside me and started to lick at me down there. It was a sensation I'd never experienced. She brought me to ******, and ran her fingertips over my breasts as I recovered my breath. She held me as I fell asleep.

The next morning we all went out to brunch, and several of us had to go to work afterward- myself included. It was funny to see all these men thinking that we were dancing to look sexy for them, when we were really trying to look sexy for each other! I congratulate you for reading through this whole thing!
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Lmao nice story

WOW, that is exactly what I am wanting to experience. I just don't know how to go about having it happen, I would NEVER approach another women. The sweetness, softness, each knowing what pleasures the other.

it was a light and interesting story

it was a light and interesting story