Lost My Virginity In A Hotel Room.

My X Boy Friend had a meeting out of town and asked me to join him. We had been playing around for a while and all he did was finger me and make me come. When he wanted to put it in I always said no. I would alway Jerk him off or give him a BJ to make him happy. When we got to the place we were asked to go to our hotel room to book in. I was already so neverous as I have never been this far from home and alone with him. When we got to the room it so beautiful with everything you can imagine. It was like a honeymoon before my wedding. He asked for a bottle of wine to be brought up to celebrate the first time we out of town alone with each other. I had two glasses when he started to kiss me. I could see in his eyes what he wanted and I was prepared to give it to him. He lay me on the bed and started to kiss me. Then he started to kiss my boobs and circle his toungue on my nipples. He ran his hand down my skirt when he knew I was soaking wet. He then pulled down my panties and started to finger me. First he used just one finger like he always does and it was great. The he tried two and this is were I felt a little pain. He said to me that my ***** was very tight. I told him that it was starting to pain. He said to me that would be over soon. He then took out is pants and made me stroke his big ****. OMG how the hell will this huge thing go inside my small hole. I told him that we should stop. He said to me he wanted to make love to me as we were togther for 8 years. I looked into his eyes and said ok. He slowly put his huge **** towards my small hole and started to push. At first it felt nice and then there was pain. Then there was alot of pain. I knew it went in as I could feel it. Once in he started to **** me. The pain was so intense I thought I would not be able to move again. He carried on while I screamed and screamed. I wanted it to be over. He ****** and ****** me until I could feel something hot inside of me. I knew that was him comming. He grab me tighter and tighter. After he was done there was blood all over him and me. Not alot but its was there. He asked me if I was okay and I said yes. He asked if I enjoyed it and I said no. He left for his meeting and I took a shower. When he got back after 2 hours he said wana ****. I said no cause it will hurt agin. He said the worst is over. He grab me and  throw me on the bed and took out my panties. Pull down his pants and went stright in. He started to **** me again and this time it started to feel nice. The more he ****** the more I could feel my ***** starting to tingle. He told me to spread more and I did. This time I didnt wants him to stop. He kept on going until this intense feeling ran through my body and down my spine. It was the first time I had come with a **** inside of me. It felt really great. After I came I told him to come in my mouth if he wanted too. He did and its was the first time I tasted his stuff and it was not bad at all. We ****** like dogs the whole entire weekend and I dont regret one bit of it.
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sexy y not all girls are like this??

good for you I took a girls virginity but she never told me she was a virgin so it hurt a lot more then it would have if i'd known. She caught her boyfriend with someone else.So to get even she picked me up right in front of him making a point of saying " finally a man not a boy" Me thinking it a compliment just gave her my arm and off we went.

wow it sounds like a clip in a **** vid. enjoy.

Lovely experience... ;-)

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

a great experience with lost virginity. . . . dashing one. . . .

i wish i was you ex boyfriend

Your first time is always special, but being able to do it all weekend would be amazing. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!

Thanks for your story-:)

Very well written , very authentic desc<x>ription.Please share more Manisa

a nice experience for you. too many people do not have the entire weekend to explore each other after the first time

Good for you!

Sounds nice. Glad you got out of town with him.

Did he ever use his tongue on you? I think that first time if he would of licked you for awhile it may of went in a little easier. Sounds like he was in too much of a hurry to me.