I Had Hot Sex With My Best Friends Boy Friend.

This was not planned so dont judge. I went to visit my best friend Sandy at her home one saturday afternoon. When I got to her place I met her mum who said she was out shopping and will be back shortly. I grew up with her and her mum was like my mum. Her mum said I should hang around and wait for her. I was chatting to her mum while she was baking when my friends boyfriend Adriaan showed up. He was also looking for Sandy and was told by her mum she was out shopping and she should be back soon if he wanted to wait. The next thing he and I started to chat to pass some time waiting for Sandy. We decided to go up to Sandys room to find some ugly baby photos to show her and have some fun.

On the way upstairs he said to me you have really nice legs. I turned and smiled at him. Gosh he was really cute and I thought he could do much better than Sandy. When we got to her bedroom he said to me " So I hear you and Sandy got tattoos." I said yes you wana see. I had a cute tattoo of a butterfly just above my panty line and I was wearing a skirt. I had to pick up my entire skirt to have him look at it and i did. He said can I touch it and I said yes. He touched the tattoo and then moved his hands down to my ***. He thought I was goind to say no. When I did not say anthing he went futher front to my *****. I like clean shaven he said, can I tatste. I said yes and turned around. He went down on me and started to suck eating my *****. It was a great feeling. As much as I was enjoying him eating my ***** I said we dont have enough time. He knew what I was talking about and turned me around. He started to give me doggy style. he started to **** me when I said pull out before you *** as we didnt have protection. He pulled out and *** all over my ***. It felt hot and lovely.

I pulled up my panty grab any photo of Sandy and togther we left the room. When going down stairs when we see Sandy coming up the stairs. What are you guys up too she said. I was so nervous. He boy friend grab her and started to french kiss her. Maybe the guilt of just what had happned. I then though to myself I wonder if she knew what ***** taste like. Well if she didnt she shore knows now. :)
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Oh I know but unless she's a kitty licker she probably dosen't. may I please see your photos

You seize the moment and I like that about you! Spontaneity is a huge turn on and you seem to capture the essence!

your bad and I want eat that ***** make you quiver quake,convulse and squirt all over my
face then **** your brains out Cause bad girls make me horny!!!!

Don't feel guilty. She knows what u were up to I believe

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

UR A ****! I LIKE IT!!

Hey, it happens. So...do you feel guilty or do you feel...excited about the whole thing? Kind of taboo. But if I were her boyfriend...and if your avatar is really you...then I don't think I could control myself too. So...it is what it is.

Have you taught her what ***** juice tastes like yet?

Naughty but nice ;)

That was a very hot story!

wow, that had to be exciting when he kissed her, knowing that she was tasting you..

Great story. Got my **** hard thinking of you bent over in your best friends bedroom taking it from her boyfriend

Since sandy is married now you may try for a ********* FmF its greate to have try and see good luck

That's a great story! Do you guys still mess around?

edgy sex is the best kinda sex to have.

naughty.. i like that

That was hot... made me hard!