I Need To Want You To Want To

Every since I can remember I have been attracted to women, I have had one sexual encounter when I was younger. I've mostly dated men and also women but I have not been sexually active with a woman and would like to do so. I love women of all shapes, shades and sizes but I havenot found that special one that gets me to the point of having sex... am I alone? Please comment
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

It will take time and then it will HAPPEN! X

Your not alone. My first sexual encounter was with a girl, I was about 9 and she was older. Although it wasn't sex. I always had an urge to want to be with a girl. As I get older I want to more. I date guys. I want to date a girl or be with one but I never found one. I don't want to do it just beccause I want to I want to have a connection with that person. I hope that one day I will meet the special girl and I hope u do too


I can say I like both men and women . You can climax and orgasam differently with both genders I must say. For me my personal preference is men however Girls are hot too so are m/f transexual:D being with a man never really drowned my urges out because hello I am still bisexual No matter.. My husband is very supportive of the fact so. I just count my blessings along with most of the things that make me happy and hope someday husband and I strike it luckey with some hot chick. LOL I had many women Stare and look my way, I had some ask my husband if i liked women becuase they were to scared to ask me then I had women hit on me before but it was usually... ones that are not really my type like the studs:) Nothing wrong with studs just they are not for me I like girley girls or tomboy semi girly like myself:D Anywho as far as finding the right one to drive you that far You just haven't bumped into the right woman yet . You will trust me.! I am like a guy I am glad im not born one because for the simple fact when I see a damn hot chick yes I am looking and if i was one my ***** would pop out... and i start thinking nasty stuff rofl. Especially when husband and I went to BOOBIE BARS and strippers did nasty things to me...

hope you can achieve your goals in the not too distant future