My 1st Time With A Girl

I was 19 an still in college. Her name was Stephanie. She was 19 also an OMG she was gorgeous!! I was in my dorm room laying down but propped up on my pillows I had sitting up in front of my head board listening to music an going through some designs I had in mind when all of a sudden shes beside my bed taking off my head sets. It startled me a little until I realized it was just her, so I stopped what I was doing an she sat on her bed that was on the other side of the room. * Our conversation* (Me) Whats up? (Her) Nothing I was just sitting at my desk an was watching you an I have a confession. *At this point I grew a little curious, nervous an didnt know if I wanted to know but she was my best friend so I gave her my full attention* (Me) Okay so tell know im here for you an you can tell me anything. *She took a deep breath an let it out an looked me right in my eyes* (Her) I have a huge crush on you. I feel like if im not with you im thinking of you an I cant hold it in anymore. *I sat there in shock for a sec but also kinda flattered* (Me) I really dont know what to say..thats definitely not what I thought you were gonna say. *I sat up an was completely confused an had no clue what to say an she saw that look an knew what I was feeling..we usually always knew what the other was feeling with just a look*! (Her) You dont have to say anything. *She got up an walked to me, got on my bed an sat in front of me with a smile starting to form on her lips* (Me) I dont think I can do this Steph. You are gorgeous but ive never been with a girl an it makes my entire body get shivers thinking about it. (Her) Cassie I have wanted you soo bad since we became room mates an I need to have you. Ive been with a couple girls an they loved an an I think you will also. *She moves in towards me like shes going to kiss me an I move my head back but she was very persistant. She grabbed me by the back of my head an pulled me towards her an I didnt realize how strong she was. We ended up locking lips an she pushed her tongue past my lips to laste mine. Before I knew it our tongues we circling an I began to get wet. She grabbed both my thighs an pulled me more down onto the bed an started kissing down me. I had a tight little black top on an she lifted it up exposing my ****. I wearing a bra so they just popped right out. She started gently biting my nipple an I let out a light moan. She began licking an kissing down my stomach till she got to my belly ring an started twirling her tongue around it. My body was so hott an a part of me wanted to stop her but I couldnt. It felt to incredibly good. She made it down to my shorts. I was wearing black little shorts that barely covered my *** began removing them an pretty roughly at that. She put her face between my legs an spread my ***** lips apart with her tongue. She slowly licked an sucked my **** till I cummed all in her mouth. When she was done I told her I wanted to be ****** so she got her strap on she had in her desk an told me to lay just like I was. She put it on an laid on top of me. She gently put it up to my entrance an slid it it. I gripped my pillow, arching my head back as she drove into me. I began to scream out loud..louder with every thrust. She sucked an bit on my neck as she was ******* me. After she was done I asked her if she wanted me to try doing it to her but she said no that she only wanted to taste me an hear me scream for her. It was the hottest moment id ever had. Ill definitely NEVER forget it!!!
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Loved your story, beautifully written.

great story - definitely helps when your first time is so satisfying!


Good luck. I hope you can find someone to satisfy you. I also hopeyou get back with Steph for regular visits. Sounds like this was one of the most important things you learned in college. I think half the learning is out of the class room.

Wow such an amazing story...and you are Georges to go along with it wife really wants to experience somthing around those. Same lines ....

Finding out about your self, is so exsighting and rewarding.

A fantastic experience!

Nice story.. glad you enjoyed it. Any more girls in your life since?

Yes 2 more actually