Ready To Experiment!

I'm ready to experiment with another woman. The only thing is nobody knows. I would love to try it out just to see what it's like. I am very curious. Help me!
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I to am wanting to experiment with another woman. I would really to try it out to see what it would be like. I've never done anything with a woman so I would need help.

How did you go about this?! I want to so bad it's driving me crazy. And I have a long term boyfriend so I have no one to ask haha

Why do all you lovely ladies seem to be across the Atlantic :-( very curious and horny girl here in the uk :( lol xx

I'm in uk and v curious xx

Let us know..we get started with the thought process but last minute we chicken we stay with our fantasies. Mine would be to meet up with someone with the understanding it might just be one time and disappear after that..or not. But I would have to be the one that would initiate the moves..

So am I curious..but located in pacific coast and no one around that I could trust enough. So here I will sit wondering or remembering past teen memories ..what was said..will have to Jill off. I know I love breasts..

Go to Craigslist under personal and you will see a w4w section and it is filled with bi curious woman that are straight and have the same desires. I would suggest that maybe you talk over the phone and meet for coffee before you go with them somewhere. Be safe and have fun

I feel the same I so want to be with a busty woman god I am not gay just curious and sexy

I feel the same way! So does anyone have advice how you go about finding someone to play around with because odds are none of us are in the same area. I would never want anyone to know about it. So how do you find this type of friend??

I agree, I say we need to meet up and just do it.

Did you ever find out a way?! I am in college so I don't know how to go about it because everyone would never expect this out of me but it is driving me crazy lol and I don't want to lose friends over it!

Start by doing research on the web and put in bi curious woman seeking the same and put your town in it and you would be shocked at the amount of people that are in the same situation. Guys are in the same but are to manly to ever admit they are curious

So do I! Never been with another women but it is such a fantasy!

Want t find bi friends

Sure y not!

I am as curious as you are. Luv my man but fantasies being with a woman. Want t b friends?

Sure! Add me!

Don't forget about me!

I would love to be with another woman also. If you figure out how to find a woman, please let me know.

There are plenty of places on the web to meet someone. Just type in bi curious looking for same and put your town in it. Good luck

When my wife was about 40 she was seduced by a co worker who was in her late 20's. she still doesn't know that i know but i accidentally overheard parts of a phone conversation they were having. apparently from what i heard my wife liked it very much but ouldn't shake the guilt felling. i think they were together about 3 times before my wife broke it off. don't know if she has experimented since.

You should have let her know that you know. It would have expanded your sex life, if you had. Even if her friend didnt want to participate it could have led to new experiences.