I Had Sex Once 5 Yrs Ago I Was 17 Now 22, Will It Hurt If I Try Again

krismegoodbye krismegoodbye
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

for all intents and purposes, you will be a virgin. So it might hurt a little, DO it with someone who is gentle and willing to go slow

i'm surprised it didnt hurt

so you did already. . . I wondered, when I saw the date. Was it good?

uh well hes on the small side and doesn't last that long, im hoping it will get better.

small side is a good place to start.
if he's not satsifying you, teach him to use his tongue. Before and after. He needs to know that your satisfaction is more important than his

he did use his tongue but he doesnt do it right and i don't feel anything im to embrassed to tell him hes doing it wrong.

:-) it hard to hear advice like "don't be embarrassed." But you need to tell him. And you might just find that being told what you want is a turn-on for him. Either way, you need to tell him. He sounds inexperienced. Try not to tell him "you're not doing it right" (which might make him more insecure) but instead, somethng like "I really love it when. . ." and redirect him.

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