Something Different In Sex.

I have never tried a ********* in my life and was always curious about it.  I haven't talked to my partner yet because I just don't know how to go about it.  I have been wanting to try new things and he is usually open to discussing it, but just how do start it out?  What is it like to have a *********?  Two guys and a girl or two girls and a guy?  Either way sounds a bit exciting.
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I think the easiest way is for your partner to talk to a close & trusted friend and tell him what your interests are. Get together. Go out dining and dancing. Have a few drinks. Go back to your place. With the 3 of you on a sofa together, get your partner to start kissing and fondling you, suggesting the other male do the same. As things progress and you're all hot, bothered and ready for more, you suggest that you all head for the bed. Ask you friend if he is ready for some of you. You know that he is. Invite him to climb on or you climb on him. Just make sure that your partner gets well taken care of. If a problem develops during the process, call it off. If not, put a ******* on both that they will long remember. You've opened the door to more encounters - if you want more.

Here is the update on the situation. I finally discussed it with him and he is very open to it. In fact, he was glad that I brought it up because he feels the same and has wanted to try it. However, right now we are trying to figure out how to find our third person and aren't to sure as to how to find them. We do like both of your suggestions, but don't know if there are any of those kinds of places in Ohio. Where do you go online to find out?

Well it depends there are clubs for people who want to get started. I went online and posted an ad telling what my (then) wife had in mind. I weeded through the wierdos and met with a few prospects,set up a surprise for her and then we kinda eased ourselves into the community. Swingers clubs came much later. We had many parties after that and attended a few.

You need to visit a nude beach and meet some people who are interested in group sex and go from there. It's great fun, very exciting, and it doesn't matter if it's MMF or MFF, everyone gets their rocks off good.