Yes I Am

I'm a guy I write spell and blessing, I read fortunes  and I know a bit about herbs.

I work in a factory, I am a father to 2 grown children and have 3 grand childern. I look just like everyone you may know as a blue collar worker, I laugh , cry, smile and hurt like every one else and while my belief system maybe different then your,  my moral and ethical values are equal to yours in every respect,

I am a witch

jadecrow jadecrow
51-55, M
3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

This is what I was talking about,,,just because I don't use that type of spiritual way does not make it anyless right then any other belief,,,Witchs are into alcame,,,sorry for the spelling,,,and spirits of nature,,,so there are good witches as well as bad witches,,,I honer you brother,,,and respect your ways,,,Love and Light Mary

To be different is to be human. We are unique, one of a kind individuals that deserve love and kindness. When I tried to be who I was not, that was when all of my trouble started. Being the witch that I am has made my life what is is supposed to be, loving, kind and positive. Now if people would bother to learn anything new, instead of just staying in their little holes, maybe we could all get along and evolve a little more? It's a thought.

to be different then the social norms makes you an outcast and not to be trusted