So Easy To Hide!

A sea is calm on the top but beneath its raging with currents.

Thats me its just so easy to hide it from people. Hide the pain, anger, negatvity. If anyone ever notices I just say I'm having a down day and pull my sleeves down a bit more.
Theres so much tension I can feel it itching inside me. Like a coiled spring I keep cranking down until it erupts.
I know I'm going to erupt. Have a complete and utter meltdown and destroy myself. Because thats what I want to do. I want to just cut myself so much I'm unrecognizable. Take tonnes of painkillers and then drink until I end up in hospital.
Use pain as a way of kicking my brain out of this mode its stuck in. Stop everything and start over.

Its going to happen I've already tried once. Until I get back to uni, but I've got 9 months there. I'll probably try again there. It'll b easier tehre because its even easier to hide from people.
AgeonAngel AgeonAngel
Jul 22, 2010