I Could Blow Any Minute

Keeping my anger under control is getting harder than i thought.... I do want to explode... i want to scream...

I wonder if it is anger or something darker... like jealousy .. or envy

Who knows.... My mind is not my friend today.. and it feels like i could explode if these dark thoughts take over... SIGH

Well... Maybe i should just take a walk to the park and explode... Hmmm maybe after work

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
2 Responses May 10, 2007

There is one way to solve your problem. One way I can GUARENTEE that will help you. Do something to help others. Anything. Get a list of widdows from a church and write them letters hoping they are well (you know many go to the mail box every day only to find bills, nothing personal or caring... I see my neighbor do it every day), or try to grow some kind of flower and trim them, taking them to those in the hospital. Work with children in need or someone, anyone that hurts as much or more then you. It will take the focus off of yourself, just long enough to breathe and you will begin to breathe more and more as you continue to come up with ideas. Please try it, it will change your life.

I heard about a Dammit Doll !! .. you can shake it and ....... hmm maybe yoga would be better .. i tried my sons Batman Bopper ( as you desribed ) but he deflated .( the bopper ) .. like many superhero's .. pfftt gone ..... So Yoga sounds GREAT !!!