Not So Graphic.

I have been doing 3D work and Photoshop for a number of years, though I had to teach myself most of everything I know. I tried to go to a school that taught me more about the programs I use, but that wound me up in a dump called Vatterott college. Now I'll never afford to go to the school I want to, because I now have 10 years of Vatterott student loans to pay off.

I could be helping with graphic design and CG special effects in the movie industry! I don't know if I'll ever land the kind of career I want, and learn everything I need to to land that career. With these topics, the internet only helps so much... especially in 3D design.
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22-25, M
1 Response May 2, 2007

I tried to get into Graphic Design. I had to stop school because of health and other concerns and I am having to pay student loans too because of withdrawing.<br />
I would like to try it again eventually because I love to design especially on the computer.