A Love Story

I met my boyfriend over a year ago. He is a conservative Jew and from the beginning has been very up front and honest about two things; he doesn't require me to convert to marry him and he wants to raise his children Jewish. So I really need to explore what being Jewish means. My experiences thus far have been overwhelmingly positive. I really respect my boyfriend, and the religion that helped to shape him into the amazing man he is today. His parents have approached me about converting "no pressure!" His stepmother said. I don't want to convert unless it is something I am personally moved to. At present, I am spiritual but not religious. If we were to get married, I would do my best to create a Jewish home for our kids and I know I'd have the support of his family and the community he is a part of no matter if I convert or not.
Naplesnurse Naplesnurse
Jan 15, 2013