My (bi) Life Story

I am a 72 year old male, currently married to my fourth wife.  Have been straight, pretty much my whole life with occasional isolated experiences.  Until the past few months at least.  

I do not get sexually excited by “men” per se, but I drool over the sight of a big hard ****.  I love women, and would prefer to explore experiences with them.  The fact is, I have had prostate cancer and the surgery left me without the ability to have an erection.  I choose not to have implants or use mechanical devices or shots.  My “libido” has significantly decreased over the years.  

Several months ago, I started becoming MORE aware of my desires relating to male on male sex.  I have always enjoyed watching **** movies or looking at photos, but I realized that MANY times I was more interested in the **** than the *****.  I especially enjoyed looking at the photos where the **** was in someone’s mouth.

I remember when I was about 10 or 12 I guess.  I was uptown, in a photography store, and the owner took me into the back room to show me something.  As he sat in a chair, with me standing there beside him, he started fondling me.  It felt good, and I didn’t know what else I should do, so I stood there and let him.  I let him do it the next time I was in the store too.  He never did anything other than open my pants and fondle me, and only those two times as I remember.  I don’t really know why I stopped going there…I liked it.

When I was 15 I took off by myself to go to the beach for a week during Easter vacation.  My parents were not at home, so I left them a note.  I was hitchhiking down coast highway just north of Huntington Beach when the guy I was riding with turned his car inland on a dirt road and headed into the oilfield adjacent to the highway.  He too, was fondling me, and my teenage **** was much too hard to object.  He found a place to park and continued playing with my ****, opening up my pants now so that he could gain better access.  Rolling me over onto my right side, with him behind me, he slid my pants down to my knees.  I didn’t have a clue about what was to come, just that I loved the way he was making my **** feet.  I felt him pushing into my rear, not realizing at that moment exactly what was transpiring.  Then, slowly he penetrated my virgin ***.  It didn’t hurt too much and I was still trying to figure out what was going on.  The only thing I was SURE of, was that my **** was still hard as a rock and feeling good.  He ****** me until he was satisfied, all the while ******* me off until I came.

He drove me back down to the highway and let me out of the car.  I never told a soul about it….EVER, till now.  My *** only hurt for a day or so and not THAT badly.  I have never been ****** since, although the thought HAS occurred to me from time to time.  I have inserted various items into my *** during ************ on a few occasions, that’s as close as I’ve come.  I have ****** three of my women over the years, in the ***.  They loved it, and I seem to feel a very intense sense of power over them while I was doing it.  

My first wife and I got into wife swapping back in the ‘60s.  Pretty soon we were each doing our own thing.  I did enjoy the occasions when I was able to watch her suck someone off.  She always told me of her adventures when she was out without me, I guess I enjoyed being a cuckold too.  I loved it when she described her affairs to me in detail.  She was strictly hetero and so was I at that time.  Once night however, I do remember being out late and picking up a hitchhiker and trying to seduce him.  He wasn’t interested.  I was having some “flashbacks” around that time from my first (and only) experience with LSD.  

Come to think of it, there WAS another night when I left a bar with a guy with the intent of giving HIM a *******.  He gave ME one instead.  

Things were quiet on this front for a few years…until one night when I had been out drinking.  I was single at the time, and just cruising, not having anywhere particular to go but not wanting to go home.  I picked up a hitchhiker.  The bars had just closed.  We headed off down the street and I spread my legs open.  It had the desired effect, as he put his hand on my leg.  I found a place to park and for the first time in my life I was aggressive and kissed him.  I had my hand on his crotch and got his **** out and hungrily took it into my mouth.  God if tasted good.  I WANTED him and I WANTED him to *** in my mouth, but he picked up my head and then went down on me.  He was nervous about being on the street and wanted to rent a hotel room.  I was too nervous to go to a hotel with him.  After I came in his mouth I dropped him off at home and never saw him again.

I married my second wife and was off and running on my new adventures as a ‘swinger”.

She loved to suck, **** and anything else you could think of.  She sucked off at LEAST 15 guys at a party one night, and then was in the kitchen in front of everybody eating the hostess’s *****.  I miss that girl.  On a couple of occasions with her and another couple, situations came up where I wound up sucking some guys ****.  In the context of the moment it didn’t really register with me as out of the ordinary.

I have to edit this story here...I forgot to include wife #3, understandable considering that we didn't part friends.  She had big boobs and a decent body and attracted me.  I met her in a night school class at Univ of Calif-Irvine.  During our 8 year relationship I took many photos of her....none however, with other men.  I took her to a swinger's bar one night (I told her ahead of time what it was, and she wanted to go).   I was HOPING to get her hooked up with somebody, but all that happened was that some guy played with her ****.  I just couldn't get her interested in playing, although I would have loved it.

Nothing more on the male sex front for many years.  Then, just a few months ago, I started thinking about *****.  I don’t know what started it, but there it was, staring me in the face as it were.  I started cruising web sites and Craig’s List, looking at the ads.  I knew I wanted it, but was really afraid to try.  Finally, I hooked up with my first…a single guy living in a condo.  I went there, we talked, I opened his pants and took out his **** and lowered my head.  It was wonderful!  I could feel him tighten a little as he was building up to ***, just before he filled my mouth.  I was hooked.

Since that afternoon there have been a dozen or so.  All but one have been one-time meetings for some reason.  I think I have simply been wanting to explore this new place I’ve found.  There are a couple of guys that I do expect to see again, as we hit it off pretty well.  It’s hard, as we are all married and in the closet and can’t get out all that easily.  

There you have it.  The story of my  (bi) life to date.  I have NO idea where the heck it’s going from here…but tomorrow is another day.


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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

It's a hard life (no pun intended) and it doesn't seem to get easier. Better, maybe, but not easier. Maybe it's the times but that's too pat an answer. But you do seem to be getting somewhere and that's great. Please keep up with what you're doing. Bi life has many more options and isn't that the great part!

Very interesting to read. alot of experiences.