So I do want to explore sex with a turkish man because there are many rumors that they are the best in the world or come pretty close. I think it's just because they are all very fit and usualy, when working in bars, are dancing like all the time and therefore have great bodys. I have been twice and loved both times. Done the usual and had a holiday fling with some gorgeous man. Thing you have to remember I guess is that it can ONLY be a holiday fling/romance, usually these men have wifes and kids back home and arn't always the first to admit it. On my last trip I met Deniz, A amazing looking, romantic, kind guy who worked in a local bar. He kind of ran it when the manager wasn't there. I fell hard for him and if you keep reading you will know why.

He had just got a new motorcycle. I have rode on the back of one before for fun but would never drive one. It was real late, like 3am and the night was still dark. Bar nearly empty bar my, my aunt and my cousin. The streets were lightened with lights and all the music was off so it was pretty silent. I spent the whole evening sitting with Deniz, Dancing with him. I was pretty drunk and he asked me to go a ride. My aunt who has been there 12 times because he has an apartment there said I could go. She had known Deniz for nearly 5 years and had previously been dating his older brother. He went sooo fast. We couldn't see two feet infront of us when he drove us out to the deserted, welll, desert! There were no houses or lights. Honestly I was afraid. I didn't feel safe with him out here, so vaunerable but he told me to hold on and that I was safe.When we stopped I finally opened my eyes and we were at the top of a mountain. All the way down were rocks that the water crashed against and over the water about twenty minutes away were all the bars including the one we were at. We could see the lights of all the bars alonng the promenad. I still felt shakey. On top of a mountain with him and it would take atleast an hour to walk back in the dark alone to the bar so I was terrified. We sat on the edge, legs dangling off the side. I remember thinking that even a nudge from him would send me off the side but instead he said I looked lovely and not to be scared because he would not hurt me and that it offended him that I would think that. He kissed me then and it was the first time we had. I can't get that feeling out my system whenever I think of him. The water against the rocks, the smell of the air, the bars lightly lighting up the rocks, and his touch, his strong hands and how badly I wanted him but stopped before we went too far because I thought I would have regretted it. It was amazing. I wish now that I had done it because it probably would have been the best experience ever.

Anyway this was what triggored my need to experience intercourse in turkey. The romance, the emotions and the hot hot hot guys. I would love it to be with Deniz and for some reason I think it might eventhough I am not returning this year I will be the following year.

Hope someone else can share their story/s?

Thanks for reading. I am actually so relaxed now that I have typed all that out and basically relived it.
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you have been lucky . i want to give u advice, dont trust men easily in Turkey or everywhere without recognize him . i am living in Turkey so i know how they are :)