An expression To Free Myself

People keep thinking, for this is all that you've got,

not the treasures you surround yourselves with

you might as well give it all to the poor

if the expansion of your minds you ignore

for it is given to you, creativity

and you can all be set free if you use it

choose it

choose, to confuse this reality sometimes

with the things that you conjure inside

choose to call things by your own chosen names

if they call you insane, its alright

it just means that they're fogged,

and blocked up inside, by lack of cognitive might

choose to read books all through the night

but then choose to be critical and use your insight

and choose to be free, because you might just find

that that, is taken away.

right now, the beginning of the end long since dead

the credits beginning to roll

the war on our brains, our thoughts soon in chains

as time it takes its toll

They will use our thirst for knowledge against us

push us into corners, bury us in Harry Potter books

wall us in behind thick blockades of

autobiographies, biographies, documentaries about non-entities

who we didn't wish to be famous

then they'll blame us, when we write stuff that messes with their plans

don't be fans, be fantasists

its good to resist the urge to follow

don't swallow all that you're fed

be well read, but don't read too well

or you sell your soul to the writers as well

the overall cost?

free thinking is lost, you just spout what you have been taught

a thought's more of a pleasure, when its one of your own

like a dog with a bone, defend it

pretend its like gold, only more valuable than that

in this age of inflation, a free thought is just that, free

unlike me and thee, do i have to paint a picture to explain this?


keep your heart in your fist, and use it to batter the walls down

look around you,

I am talking about free thought,

just as they think they've caught my drift

I suppose that's free thought too

so true revolution is the right of expression

that I, now give to you

take it, run

share with someone

read him or her some of your words

your opinions matter, so gossip and chatter

and make your voices heard

paint your pictures and slap up your posters,

because unless you shout out loud

then there's nine billion people talking on earth

and you'll just be one of the crowd
CMA1234 CMA1234
46-50, F
Jun 24, 2012