I think it is important to let those know when you appreciate them and for other's taking their personal time to be their for you in everyway. I want to let those who have responded to me about stories and comments that I have made, or for the things that I have written to them,  that I sincerely thank all of you for excepting me, and for the time you have taken to write etc. I hope to those who I have shared comments and given advice, or just a simple smile had helped in someway. I do not have the words to express how thankful I am to have ventured on to this site, as I am not the type to search for some place to make friends or share personal info, but I am happy that I have! I just want all of the people on this site to know that it is refreshing to be on a site that has so much to give and so much to recieve!

Love Steph

LadyDove LadyDove
Feb 28, 2009