Friendly Beasts

I've suffered from a lot of nightmares, both in my childhood and during my teenage years. One dream I've frequently encountered, has included a human-like monster which never fails to terrify the hell out of me! However, in one dream I decided that this monster was simply lonely. That was why it kept visiting me. So I gave the monster a massive hug; it then smiled at me ever so slowly before walking away and leaving me in peace! As for real monsters, I'm not sure a hug would be the best way to make peace with them.

In reality, I've always been creeped out by spiders. A trip to a reptile house changed my outlook on them for the rest of my life. The man working there asked me to choose a colour: I picked purple. So he then retrieved a purple key and unlocked a tarantula out of a tank! I thought I would be terrified, but somehow, I wasn't! I believe it was to do with how calm this man was. Usually, if anyone at home sees a spider then everyone kicks up a massive fuss about it. I held the tarantula, and looking at it, wondered why the hell I had been so afraid of spiders all my life! It was beautiful.

It occured to me that how others perceive a fear can heavily influence your own perception of it. I still won't pick up spiders, but I feel a lot better about them now than I did before!

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this story comes with a strong message attached to it ........ i simply love it. <br />
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good work

It's a great way to overcome your fears. Not many people want to try but some do. It doesn't take much to overcome those fears. Some fesrs, like needles, are hard to overcome because of how we percieve them. Well I thank you for sharing your story. May it help people destroy their fears.

Fantastic story, Angel, beautifully constructed and with an inspiring message! You really are a talented writer, and you show wisdom way beyond your years. A great read!