Working It Out

Have you heard of the movie Fireproof? I've been seeing so much advertising for this movie all over television and all over many different churches in the community. Since I've been feeling the way I have for a while I told my husband to make it a movie day and we rented the movie. It is a religious movie but that movie brought both of us to tears. We sort of knew while watching the movie that things weren't right between us. I felt the same way she did and he felt the same way he did. Ironic! That a movie can actually play out a persons true emotions. After the movie we spoke about what was going on between us. Venting has never felt better. I explained to him how his family issues play a huge burden in our relationship and he agreed! He knows that it affects us. He is promising now to distance himself a bit and let their issues be their issues. Let's see if this holds true. I know that I love him and divorce is not something that I want. I was blessed to have grown up with both of my parents and so was he. I want that more than anything for my son. He needs both of his parents. I am praying that change will take place. After all everything happens one day at a time.

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Wow! I haven't posted to this in a long time. We have tried mini dates, however that is very difficult because the family isn't really willing to watch our beatiful son. We've made mini dates silly ways. We try to do an early dinner and leave the little one a little longer in daycare. Or I might take a sick day when he is off and send the little off to school. Little things like that for some personal time. The only problem is that we both feel empty and guilty beause he isn't there. Overall though we are doing much better!

Well u loved him once go find that love LOL Nah j/k idk all the answers but you gotta do what u gotta do to good to leave? or to bad to stay?

Date with your husband......once a week.....doesn't have to be expensive....only rule NO KIDS...<br />
<br />
It can be a picnic at sunset on the beach, hot chocolate in front of the fireplace at home, sharing an ice-cream cone whilst strolling through the park.<br />
<br />
The idea have a date night (couple of hours) every week same both will look forward to it and nothing else can be booked into that time.....<br />
<br />
Take turns at arranging the activity.....challenge each other to come up with fun / inexpensive activities....<br />
<br />
My personal best was the ice-cream cone....cost $3 ea