What I Might Be Looking For... ~

Ryan will never understand how badly he ****** me up and he probably will never even care.
Maybe it was for the best. I got a taste of what love is... complete with jealousy and eventually heartbreak.
He was my first love, now I am ready to move on .

I want someone who shares the same interests as me.
I want to date someone who likes evil, disturbing things. They should also be a cat person like I am because if they don't like cats... they would probably be unhappy with me. I would also love if they were video game freaks like I am. If they are extremely religious or political, it probably wouldn't work out. Though I am pretty open-minded about most things, I pretty much stand firmly in my way of thinking. I hate religion; to me it is nothing more than a brainwashing business that causes conflict and creates hatred among the people. As for political, I am an activist. I hate being controlled and I hate how corrupt the government is.

I want someone who is passionate about music.
My ideal partner would probably be a musician of some sort. I am obsessed with music. Everyday, I am singing, playing the keyboard or my guitar, even beat boxing. When I am not making music, I am listening to it. I mostly listen to acoustic, post-rock, indie, or heavy metal. I am selective about the rap I listen to and I can't stand country.

I want someone who is ****** up.
Above all, I want someone who will be crazy with me. Someone who is fun and rebellious like me. I'd love to be with someone who will just let loose and not even care. I don't want to be held back. But at the same time, I want to be their one and only and I want to be able to fully trust them.

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May 24, 2012