Feel Lost About My Relationship

Iv been with my bf for a while we were happy loved up he showed me it all how to feel special then we had a crazy arguement went our own way and got back together since i havent fully trusted him and always doubt that he dooest want me and that he would rather be doing other things. Then i started to get really bad moodswings towards only him. And that caused me to not want to talk to him or see him at certain times when i was either in a mood or felt switched off. And if i did see him i would want to go home quickly and didnt enjoy my time with him how i used to. Now its got to the point where i feel empty and i have lost feelings for him :( i dont want to lose him or have a break and i dont want things to be over. I am willing to do whatever it takes to feel how i did and build it all back up again. I want my future with him and to see it how i did before because at the moment i can't but i feel it may be because of what we have been through and how i am feeling now.
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Jan 19, 2013