Pity Party

I figure I've got maybe one last chance. The worst part is, I have no idea how to go about meeting people. To think that love will some day sneak up on me is heart brreaking, because that thought only serves to remind me of what I don't have in my life. I know that I've made some poor choices in my life, but I always made those choices with love uppermost in my mind. I used to believ ethat love conquered all but now I'm not so sure. I'd really like to try that theory out one more time. I'm a decent guy -- good father, not bad to look at, successful. Why can't i find somebody nice?
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46-50, M
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I feel your pain, bro. Similar situation here. Can't meet people = can't find HER. What to do...?

u gotta start believing in serendipity .... it will come to u someday ... gl ....

Well, I just think you are a cutie pie, and there are women out there, myself included, who would LOVE to be with a nice guy.

Join dating services...there are so many..just screen who you go out with...Many lonely peole looking for each other...

Join dating services...there are so many..just screen who you go out with...Many lonely peole looking for each other...

Hey Pity,<br />
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You just have to have faith man. I know it's a huge cliche, but it's true. I don't know if you're a religous man or not, but I'd pray that God brings the right type of woman into your life. <br />
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Also, they say the thing you think about the most is what you bring into your life. So you might write down the type of person you're truly looking for. Everything about her from the way she looks to the personality she should have. Then, post that up on your bathroom mirror, your car, everywhere you can think of so that's all you focus on. I'm told once you do that long enough, that's what will happen.

If I could answer that I'd have the answer to dating; to wit, why is it so hard to meet someone? Time, or lack of, is one problem. I'm a busy father with a job, a house, and a sick father of my own. But really, it seems to me that women over 30 (and I'm way north of that) are so bitter. Few of them are able to be open enough to form friendships let alone relationships. Since I don't know your gender I'll run the risk of offending you but I have to tell you that most seem so obsessed with protecting access to their *ahem* that they are caricatures of bitchy bitter (there's that word again) fading teenagers. I have a news flash for them - some men are interested in more than just getting into their pants. But they won't believe it. Whatever

Good question!!! Do you have any guesses as to any stumbling blocks?