I've never had much luck in relationships. Most guys I've dated have cheated and lied and had kids on the side. I want something different and real. I want to have a real relationship where I'm with a man who wants me for who I am, not because he wants to get in my pants. I want to feel an overwhelming love for someone who feels the same way. It doesn't need to be anything big, just real. I want a real relationship with someone I can confide my fears and hopes and not have to worry about how I look in front of them. I want to be respected and cared for. I want love.
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Helloooo, I think everyone needs to meet a person to talk about silly and stupid things and to share many thoughts. I'm a very happy Spanish guy who likes to spend much time talking about anything and doing many things. Where do you live? I live in England. Feel free to add me on skype if you want to talk ok? skype id: spanishlearningenglish

the need of every human is a spiritual need of feeling to become one feel return to paradise, to heaven, to the world of where we originate...the realm of the absolute..the problem is that being a female or a male we try to find oneness in the physical world...but we can never find this as the glimpses of heaven in a romantic and sexual relationship is always is tantalizing..<br />
the key to overcoming this is to become the one that you would the other one to can and is always experienced at this moment and always inside of you...(it maybe too much of snapshot but there is more behind this post)

We all want the same thing. First have a friend, remember to play and just have fun. Guys want the same thing too. I think everyone gets so caught up in "finding love" that they over look the person standing right infront of them.

hi wats ur name? can we friends

never give up on this, it's just the time hasn't come yet, and yours man will find you eventually. But never really compare real love with that one shown in movies, so you won't get disappointed.. Yes, it's possible, but maybe not to that glamorous extent<br />
And also I want to add that sometimes we don't really want to fall in love instead we just need to fill the emptiness inside that eats us.. But it doesn't always work.. One should be happy by himself to attract somebody and be able to make other person happy

Yeah I feel like that now too . I've honestly given up on the whole love thing .

I am having similar problems but of course with females. It's so depressing that I've just about given up on ever finding anything real. I remember when romantic movies and books used to really touch me, but I feel like love is as real as the cgi in movies, it's like a fantasy and not a reality to me anymore.

@BBella OMG Im the saaaame way I watch all those movies and I feel like someone had to know what that feels like to write about it right? Then if that is real I want it sooooo bad for someone to love me that much!!!!!!!

@Kurse It's difficult for me to find guy friends. You think they're great and then you find out their real intentions. I'd really like to have some guy friends.<br />
<br />
@BBella I LOVE that movie :-)

Oh my god I want this sooo much too! A real genuine love (like in the notebook movie) I want it sooo bad!!!

Do yourself a favor and find a male who is your friend first. And I mean real friend. If he can hold your hair back while your puking and make it not a big deal, he's your friend.