It Looks Fun

Not 24/7 of course, but in general it looks like people in love are enjoying themselves. I would like to experience that too, someday.

I have never been in love, I think. I would know if I had, wouldn't I? I have been watching people in relationhips, have been reading stories here and heard love-struck talk in real life and I'm fascinated. At least in some cases there must me some exagerration, (you know, "I can't live without him/her".) but it looks very intensive nonetheless. I wonder what it would be like, feeling like that for another person?

Sadly, I think such an intensive, lasting and strong feeling may be out of my scale. Impossible for my temperament. I guess I'm the 'cold' sort, and saying someone "I love you" might give them a wrong impression. I can still "love" on my own way, get attached to another peron and care for him/her... but I doubt if it will be that passionate.

Well, never say never, as the saying goes. I'm not even 20 years old yet, who knows what can happen. I just wonder am I missing something great, looking people around me fall in and out of love.

And for everyone who is dying to say "love comes for everyone" or "You just need to wait for that right person": Running is futile. I shall get you with my shotgun.

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That may be, and I have thought about that many times myself. "Love" is hard to define... and for different people it may be different things. Maybe people are talking about completely diffenrent things, love? Very possible.<br />
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Since I don't know any better myself, I believe what other people say. Brain chemistry is complicated, and at least the few psychology books I have read (even though they were for dummies) mentioned love. So for know, I have chosen to at least act like such a thing can exist. <br />
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Thanks for commenting!

If I may be frank? I don't think love exists. I may be one of those pessimistic people, but I don't think it exists. Perhaps it's the lust and attraction that makes people believe it's lust. Perhaps it gives them the illusion that they love them, when they don't.<br />
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I may be wrong here, although that is my opinion. Which probably isn't much, seeing as I'm only 12, a rather young age.

Haha, maybe I'm a mutant then? But again, not saying never.<br />
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My situation is that I don't have a situation. I'm not bitter, just wondering how my future will turn out if I'm truly uncapable for such 'loving'. I cannot relate to people who feel that way, I can't even imagine it. The worst case scenario is getting in closer terms with really passionate person, and hurting them with not feeliness. <br />
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Thanks for the comment, I appreciate your input! ^^

Well, I'm you can definitely feel this way. I have a friend who I tell them that I love them, but we're just friends. And it isn't the same kind of love one would have with like, a significant other. Don't ever say that you're not cut out for those feelings, because you ARE :] It's in our blood so to speak haha <br />
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What's your situation? Have you had a bad experience that has made you feel this way?