(the Titile Is Anyone You Want It To Be)

the person you can just sit with on a rainy day
and not say anything
the person when you think of happiness there face comes up
in your mind
your missing half
when every moment your away from them, you think of all things
your going to say to them and when you see the person none of those
words come out
that person who always gives you there jacket on a cold day.
when everyone else desserts you
the person that still stays there after the storm holding
your hand
lostatlove lostatlove
4 Responses Feb 8, 2011

I have been hurt many times. People sometimes don't know what they have even after they lose it. And some people just can't seize what they see in front of them for a variety of reasons. It is interesting to see so many can'ts and so few cans. I think it means that things are fated to be some way.

I feel like fate brings people with these types of values together. Never give up hope! They're out there!

Beautiful... I fell in Love once in my life, was in one relationship, and was torn apart by that person, then I just... gave up. And now years later, I'm still just... alone.

i also want someone like that. :(<br />
comfortable silences when it's raining outside...

Illi can be that person