Stumble, Stumble.....

uh oh...losing my balance here!  stumble, stumble....TRIP....ahhhhh!!!!  somebody help me!  i've fallen in love and can't get up!!  :)  oh well, guess i'll just stay here then ;)

KinkyFlower KinkyFlower
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23 Responses Apr 17, 2008

ah yes...the rum :D tis good rum cap'n, i hope ye haven't run out!<br />
<br />
i think i'll keep this lad around cap'n...he may blather on about nothing, but he is very good at pleasing his fair maiden. so we shall keep his eyes and not feed him to the sharks....and no, he doesn't have a bike we can blow up either :D lol

thanks danadane :) i think our fun/weird sense of humor is a big part of why we're together...we get those odd jokes when everyone else goes 'what?' lol

lol you guys are having way too much fun here. Good for u. Thats what life should be like.

bingo! i knew you'd realize your love for me eventually :D

so it must be you that I'm on the phone with right now, weird.

no way man...i turn away all my other callers just to talk to you :D

that's cool, I'm probably the only caller too

uh yeah...your my favorite caller :D

that's you that I talk to every night on there? Whoa, that's pretty freaky.

why don't u just call me....i can be reached at 1 800 FAT GIRLS lol

you can fill out an application or fax your resume to me.

how often do have new victims? and where do i apply? :D

probably not cause she's tied up and locked up in my basement right now as my sex slave. I only let her up when I have a new victim

maybe i'll do that....i'm sure she doesn't have anything nice to say about you at all! :)

cause I'm totally irresistable, all the girls want me and once they do they never let go, just ask this one girl I've been seeing

who says i WANT you to have a shot with me? ;)

Yeah, I heard he likes that cause it's what he is use to. So be really nice to him and scare him away so that I can get a shot with you.

nah, i'm gonna treat him like crap b/c i think he likes that sort of thing :p

Oh damn, I feel sorry for that poor guy, hope you treat him good.


yeah pretty much lol didn't see it coming at all!

LMAO that is about how it works isn't it?

what kind of details do you want odie? ;)