She Loves Me But Is Not In Love With Me??

WTF, I have been married 15 years and have 2 beautiful young girls. Some days my wife says she loves me others I am the reason for all things bad in her life and she wants to seperate.. Bi-Polar maby... Dont know but its killing me. I find myself wanting to love somone who will love me back and not just when the mood strikes them..
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Read my story under my name lifesucks4sure62. I have been married for 21 years and out of 21 years I cared for/loved my wife for maybe the first year until she cheated on me before our son turned 1. I stayed in the marriage to give our kids the chance to grow up in a normal two parent home. 10 years later she cheated on me again. Same thing, be strong I said to myself when the kids are up and out maybe you can move on and find love. She hasn't cheated again, at least not that I know of but as the story above, everything is my fault, period. Our financial situation, etc. I have even given her the open door and said if you are unhappy, please find someone else that will make you happy but she sticks around like a bad habit. I don't have any life insurance or anything so don't know why she hasn't filed the big D.

Well here it is 3 years later and no definitative change.. Not sure what that makes me? Started going to church.. And she looked as if she was straightening herself out. Till I come to find out she was having another affair during this. So I said Im done.. Ill give counseling '1' shot.. And thats it '1' shot.. But I cant tell you how many times I have felt we were on the road to happiness and have been denied. BUT!! at liest I know where my line in the sand is and its not going to be my fault if it gets crossed..

it happen to me to believe that my wife is sacred now not any more ,let talk about feeling evry feeling are the same ,for example if i don't want some thing please do not try any thing to make me have it, and the other can feel exactly the same way you feel, if your wife want to leave you is nothing you can do to make she change her mind, please beside any thing to not never leave your children.who know out there you may be find sweeter one.

Sorry IS dude sounds like you wife is kin to my ex. Thats a bummer.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus lol maybe that can explain it. Sorry just tried to lighten things up for you a little but maybe you can ask her whats underneath all that anger she has. It might be something deeper and she takes it out on you thru the small things you do.

My wife will jump all around. 1 min Im a bad father, the next its my fault that we hit traffic on the parkway. She has yelld at me for doing the dishes one day and not doing them the next. I feel like her punching bag. There are times her head is clear. It is at thoes times I try to work thru our issues logically. Maby 1 day out of 10. But we will come to an agreement during this time and it sometimes holds up. I thank god for these small windows of clairty.

all girls/women are insane and have wild mood swings, that's just a given. the trick is finding one who's insanity you can tolerate. i'm sorry she's running hot and cold on's possible she just wants more help around the house, with your kids, or attention. i know whenever my thoughts start to wander it's because i'm not getting the attention i crave from my husband and someone/something else has to fill the void. But, FYI the worst thing you can do is call her out on being irrational or batty, you just have to ride it out and give her space. women are ridiculously complicated, that's one of the few reasons i'm not a lesbian.<br />
hope this helped! ^..^ ~