I Want to Fall In Love... Really...

I want to fall in love, really, but it seems harder than it should be.  I have loved before and loved deeply but it has been a while.  I want to find a man who will really open themselves up to me and let me love them.  I want to be loved and cherished as well... The thought of sharing my life with someone who would understand me and my outlook on life is really exciting.  As a hopeless romantic it's hard to imagine life without the "big love" of my life.  But more importantly, I would like to be that person for someone else and to let them feel the satisfaction of being loved unconditionally, fully, and passionately.  I hope it will happen soon *sigh*
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good luck friend:)

I completely agree. It's been difficult finding someone who wants to be in a relationship that I actually feel that way about.

Been in plenty of relationships but my best and last that ended 3 years ago was my high school sweet heart. We did so many amazing things together such as Disney world together senior year. Epcot was our fav where we really had a romantic moment of my dreams. Later that year she left me. Haven't been able to muster up any confidence since then to talk to any girls. She shattered me and what I thought was my life. There's bound to be some one out there for you. I guarantee if you open up your mind and heart and be a friend to every one you will def rub off on some lucky man and he will be all urs for eternity.good luck.

i totally agree.<br />
i also want to openmyself before her, and lover her totally by my heart.

double *sigh*

I agree!<br />
I consider myself a Hopeless romantic and it's so hard to NOT be in Love after experiencing it.<br />
I feel like people make this whole relationship "thing" so much harder when Love (when sincere) is so easily understood.

im so glad with the words you use , you soung kind and loving, we all need some one someone spacial who needs us and naturally thw one we need, if it work , in need of some one as he need us, could be great and soothind and the blessing of loving relation,, <br />
tell me have you any children and when did you loose your last love, , and how old are you, , may be i could give you some advice, you can write, have you travelled,,<br />
i think is full of oppertunities and solutions, if you have been disoppinted by some one, it is thing of past, there so many who would love to have you to have thier hearts open for , who need ypu, and automaticly you will blessed to need them to love mutually, but we must be wist with past experience, and learn fron then to be saffer, but opening the hearts of many you need to love, with bliss and all blessing.<br />
be glad to hear from you.<br />