Doesn't Everybody

I mean who wouldn't want to just fall head over heels in love. Sometimes I see people who are holding hands or kisssing and just genuinely happy to be with the other person and it definately makes me feel a little more alone in the world. I know I'm still young and there's a good possibility it hasn't happened yet, but I just wish it would hurry up and happen. I don't think that it's absolutely the most important thing in the world, or that if you don't fall in love you don't have a shot at happiness, but it seems like it wouls be nice.

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1 Response May 6, 2007

It really can be. But I have found that all Love takes a little work, a little luck and a whole lot of Loving yourself bigtime. People usually Love what others Love...if you are Loving you you stand a good chance at it!! Hugs, LW