Just In A Dream

We all meet a lot of people in our life, people who enter our life, some of them share their life with us, we learn from them either in good or in bad way, some leave our life without worth mentioned, and some ... leave a deep mark in our hearts..
I always doubt finding a good friends online, like real friends. But what i didn't expect is to fall in love with a woman through the internet.
I met a girl few years back who were still studying in a far country.
We used to chat and share our stories, fear, wishes and dreams.
By the time, i started to feel so connected to this lady, i started to fall for her.
Years passed and the girl finished her study and graduated, i tried to find a job for her in my country hoping to meet her or to just to see her and be around her.
I was ready to give all what i have just to meet her, but she were different.
She wanted to earn the money and the experience she need to success before she will travel to my country.
She got a job in her country and slowly she started to become that kind of (busy) woman who has no personal life.
Slowly she started to forget me.
I tried so hard to convince her to at least visit me but still i couldn't convince her, i thought it will be easy to forget her especially that we didn't meet at all.
She got a boyfriend and moved on in her life, the problem that i still cant take her out of my heart and mind.
It's been three years now since we met online and i still cant forget her, i even tried to go out with other women and to go in a relationship, but am still hoping to meet her..
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I'm sorry about that. About 3-4 years ago I met someone that was really funny and sweet and even now I can't forget him and haven't been able to find someone that gives me the same feeling. Your not alone! I mean there has to be someone else out there right? There are millions upon billions of people in the world that touch our lives