Want To Finally Experiencing Love And Romance...

Who doesn't want to feel blissful, cared for, cuddled and sweet talked to? I have never experienced being in a relationship with someone and the wanting hit me recently. Not on lust, but the wants to have a person, a soul mate.

Just a while back I had my first crush at 20 years old, whom I gave up to not taint my views on him and to react weirdly around him, not when I didn't plan to confess and bring our relationship further. I think I got over him but not the wants.

I am confused by the ache and breathlessness from the wants. It is as if after being solo for a couple of decades my heart and body ache for somebody to depend upon. But my mind stays rational,for I am still sober and not give in to my desperation so I will not have tainted eyes and merely choose anyone.

I wish for a mutual first love and best he loves me more than I do initially, as I hope I will not live to see my lover has divided his love for another party.

I am nervous and I am not sure if I'm prepared to let somebody into my life, for I have been independent for years. I am not certain if I can accept the changes. But I am willing, hoping, for someone to accept me and lead me to this new experience and part of life.

And my wish is, please don't let me wait for too long, my someone.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Beautifully said.

Thanks :)