Wont Allow For Puppy Love...

I want to fall in love more than anything in the world. I cant even allow myself to date someone that I believe will be puppy love, so finding relationships has been... tough. 

But the funny thing is everytime I'm in a relationship I always want what I cant have so I'll **** the dating up and then later realise how good the guy was but I had hurt them so bad they dont want to be with me anymore.


frecklestylepolka frecklestylepolka
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 16, 2007

I'm very definitely NOT an expert on the area of love, but I do have some ideas. Firstly, you might be making too big a deal about love in your head. If it's so huge in your mind, you'll scare yourself! And your scared, inner self will sabotage things so that you don't have to deal with the what it is that's scaring it so much... love! And love is such an organic, natural, unpredictable and surprising thing, trying to impose conditions and expectations on it will surely only mess it up. I'm sure you are vastly more likely to find what you're looking for if you *relax* and be willing to let yourself make mistakes. Control the world, and it will kick your *** every time. Open up to what it has to offer you and enjoy what is presented to you and you will always be wealthier in spirit than you had ever dreamed. :)