Anyone Who Dosen't Is I...

Anyone who dosen't is inhuman plain and simple. Called the divine madness for good reason. It is why we were created to be kind to each other and love is indeed the ultimate expression of feeling for another.

It has been cause for killings untold, wars and more. But has also inspired more music , art and literature than any other single subject in mankinds experiance.

But thats just my humble opinion!


Mountainman923518 Mountainman923518
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when GOD created Adam he was lonely in heven that't why GOD created Eve.<br />
this proves the importance of love

Hey, MnM...nice to see you around. I want it now more than ever.

Ancient being that I am. I have loved many regretted nary a one. Scars I have a plenty, but of all my acts upon this old orb we call earth love alone has never been cause for regret. Time shared in love is special and unforgettable. Pain............ yes of course, love lost hurts our most private soul, yet if we lack the courage to try again... We fail as people to fulfill our destinies... Tis my humble opinion only...<br />
Searching still for that one! Where are ya darlin???<br />
MnM<br />
May you all find the holy grail!!!!

Anyone who doesn't is inhuman? While I agree that it's something many people desire, plenty of others don't and that makes them no less feeling individuals. Love involves giving someone else a lot of power over you, that can be used to hurt you, and they may not consider that worth it. There are probably plenty who outright dread falling in love.

Yes, MnM...there are two great sides to the story. I used to think I was okay, and for the most part I am. But having someone special would be nice to pal around with and more.