All Lies...

I know a lot of people who have seen my list of EP expiriences probably think that sex is all i'm looking for but it's not. For me, love comes first and all that other stuff, fantasies and whatever, that comes second.

I'm not opposed to meeting people online, but it seems like everytime I do, all I get is people telling me what I want to hear or pretending they care when it seems that they really don't. I just want someone who will want to talk to me. Not just bullshit me for 20 minutes.

Things have been so ****** ever since my parents got divorced, and I just want someone to brighten my day. To make me feel better. I know, I'm 16, I have plenty og years ahead of me, but I just feel so lonely all the time, I want someone there for me...

X6rose6red6X X6rose6red6X
18-21, F
Feb 27, 2010